Medical History

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  • Period: to

    Medical advances from 1877 through 1900s

    Germ Theory of Disease
    Aspirin developed
    First vaccines
  • Period: to

    Government involvement in the medical field 1877 to 2010

    How the government has been and continues to be involved in medicine and medical changes/advances
  • Period: to

    Medical changes from 1900s through 1920

    Infectious diseases and their tracking
    Public health developments
  • Period: to

    Medical advances 1920 to 1930

    Insulin developed
    Penicillin discovered
  • Period: to

    Medical changes 1930 to 1950

    Heart lung machine used
    Cardiac pacemaker developed
  • Period: to

    Medical advances 1950 to 1960

    Prepaid health plans
    Heart disease No.1 killer of Americans
    DNA molecular structure described
    First artificial heart in a dog
  • Period: to

    Medical advances 1960 to 1980

    Many new vaccines
    Smallpox eradicated
  • Period: to

    Medical changes 1980 to 1990

    First human artificial heart
    HIV named
  • Period: to

    Medical advances 1990 to 2000

    MRI 3-D developed
    First animal cloned
    New "Principles of Infection"
    Nerve transplants
  • Period: to

    Medical advances 2000 to 2010

    Stem cell discoveries
    Many developments in all areas of the medical field