Westing Game

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  • Exposition

    On July Fourth Barney Northrup invites people to live in Sunset Towers ( Raskin 1).
    People living in Sunset Tower spots smoke coming out of the Westing estate. (6-14).
    Mr. Westing’s corpse is found inside the Westing house by Turtle (16-20).
    The people living in Sunset Towers are invited to the reading of the Westing will (21).
    The people of Sunset Tower find out what the Westing Game is (28-31).
    Everyone is split into groups and receive clues (31-39).
  • Rising Action

    Everyone is split into groups and receive clues (31-39).
    The people living in Sunset Tower have lost items (52-53).
    Judge Ford hosts a party (57-62).
    The first bomb goes off in the coffee shop (68).
    The second bomb blows up. (72-79).
    Angela goes to the hospital (78).
    The third bomb blows up and injures Angela (94).
    Theo arranges his clues into a formula and thinks Otis Amber is the murderer (102).
    Flora and Turtle gamble with the stalk market (106).
    People find out that Grace’s last name is Wind
  • Climax

    The heirs give answers of who they think the murderer of Mr. Westing is.
    They find out that Crow is the answer to the Westing Game.
    Sandy is proclaimed dead.
    Turtle holds a trial and finds out Otis Amber is a detective, Madame Hoo is a thief, etc.
    Turtle wins the Westing game because she found out Mr. Westing was not dead.
    Turtle finds out that Windy Windkloppel took four names. The names she knew were Samuel Westing, Barney Northrup, and Sandy McSouthers.
  • Falling Action

    Turtle never told anyone about Mr.Westing.
    They all meet up after five years.
  • Resolution

    Turtle married Theo, Grace takes over Hoo’s on First, Doug wins an Olympic medal, etc.
    Samuel Westing dies on July Fourth.