Michael Phelps

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Event Date: Event Title: Event Description:
6 Mark Spitz's seven-gold medals Mark Spitz's seven-gold performance at Munich in 1972
8 Birth Michael Phelps is born
5 Starting his career At age seven, he suppoted his older sisters both swim but he didnt even like to get his face wet.
12 Diagnosed with ADHD At age 9, Phelps is diagnosed with ADHD.
11 Youngest Olympian In 2000, became the youngest American male swimmer (15) to compete in Olympic Games since 1932
7 Sydney Olympics 2000: Participated in the Sydney Olympics at age 15
10 First to qualify in six individual evens In 2004, became the first swimmer in history to qualify for the Olympic Games in six individual events
9 2004 Summer Olympics 2004: Six gold medals and two bronze medals at 2004 Summer
15 Wins 8th Gold Medal Butterfly 8th Gold Medal
Phelps wins his eight gold medal in the Bejing Olymics. The most anyone has ever won in a single olympics.
14 37th world record broken Phelps broke thirty-seven world records in swimming.