History of the Cell Phone

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Samuel morse Samuel Morse -- He came up with the idea of the Electromagnetic Telegraph. History of Cell PhonesHe came up with the idea of the Electromagnetic Telegraph.
Electriomagnetic telegraph Samuel Morse -- Constructed an Electromagnetic Telegraph History of Cell Phones
Morse conduction Samuel Morse -- Introduced the concept of wireless by conduction
Michaelfaraday Michael Faraday -- He studied whether space could indeed conduct electricity. History of Cell Phones
James clerk maxwell James Clerk Maxwell -- released a paper called "Dynamical Theory of the Electromagnetic Field" stating light, energy, and magneticism are related. History of Cell Phones
Loomism Dr. Mahlon Loomis -- The first person to communicate through wireless via the atmosphere. History of Cell Phones
Timeline AT&T, Bell Laboratories, introduced the idea of cellular communications History of the Cell Phones
Martain cooper father of the cell phone Martin Cooper -- Father of the Cell Phone; hired by Motorola History of the Cell Phone
First handheld radio First handheld radio was made for the Chicago Police Department History of the Cell Phone
Motorola First Demonstration of the 30-ounce Dync-Tac Cell Phone History of Cell Phones
Motorola The DyncTAC phone became commercialized and cost $3,500.00.
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Dr. Mahlon Loomis -- he transmitted telegraphic messages at a distance of 18 miles between the tops of Cohocton and Beorse Deer Mountains in Virginia.