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Timeline Corretta Scott King Born in Heiberger, Alabama She was born in a small segregated (white and black people did not live in the same areas) town in Alabama. She grew up in a 2 bedroom home. She had 2 siblings.
Yolanda denise Family She had a big sister named Edythe and younger brother named Obie they lived in a two bed room house and they all shared a room with there parents all the children sleep on one bed together .
Young coretta Her big sister Had been the frist black Enrolled to Anticch College
Timeline She graduated with a ???? Corretta graduated witha B.A. in music and education and won a solarship for it to stopy concent singing at new England consevatory of music in boston,massachusetts.So gess what something VERY,VERY, good happend in bostion she meet a young man that wus a theology student named Martin Lurther king jr, that day she meet him her life CHANGED forever !!!!!!!!
Timeline when she graduated corretta graduated from antich college in 1951 jan,1.In college she joined the antich chaterofthe NAACP and the colleges race relations and civil libertieris committees.
Timeline corretta meets???? In 1952 jan,1 she meets martin luther king jr,
Timeline corretta gets?????? a year after corretta gets mmarried to martin luther king and becomes corretta scott king.<3
Timeline They moved The Kings famley moved to Montgomery Alabama.
Yolanda denise First child born Yolanda Denise King born
Timeline Rosa parks Rosa parks wus on the bus and then the white gets on and bemanded the blacks to move and would not move at all Rosa parks wus arested
Timeline Phone calls The new's wus spreded and ever one called Corretta for 2 days about the bus Boycott in monto ala.
Timeline House wus Bomed The Kings house wus bamed Correttas freind hearda big boom on there porch of the Kings home at 9:30 p.m.it sounded as if someone had it the House Coretta seid to move back her frenid was Terrified so they went to Coretta bedroom . BUT...................................the Baby wus sleeping in the dassinet so Coretta went to get her on her way to get the baby a smoke bom went off but she got the baby and the baby wus ......................O.K. they got out of the house and they were all k.o.
Timeline Boycott was ?????? the Boycott was Successful.
Protesting civil rights 1957 there wus the civil right act
Timeline Had 2nd child there 2nd child but 1st son named Martin Luther King the there
Timeline ???? Got stabbed Martin Lurther king Corettas Husband wus stabbed in his chest by a mentally ill Black woman
Yolanda denise There third child There 3rd child named Dexter Scott King and now they had 2 sons
Timeline To ban atomic weapons In 1962 Coretta Tavelled to Geneva, Switzerland International ban on Testing Atomic weapons
Timeline There 4th child There 4th child named Bernice Albertine there second Daughter that wus there last child thay had 4 kids in all.
Timeline I have a dream Martin did his I have a Dream Speech
Timeline John F Kennedy John F kennedy got shot assasinateb in there trip to dallas, texas
Coretta scott Concert columbus........ the night befor ??? Giving a concert in columbus ohio , may, 1965 .even before the assassintion of hre husbsnd ,Coretta was in demand as a speaker and sineer in her own right
Timeline The PRESIDENT The voting rights act passed
Timeline ?? Dies Martin dies from a man that soots him!!!!
Timeline The Kings center The Kings Center Opened. The Kings Center opened in 1986 it was a place people colud talk and get in groups the Kings Center had 250 ,seat in it.
Older Coretta met Sarah Coretta met sarah brady , who helped pen the brady bill for for handgun control after here husband jame got Paralyzed by a assassin's bullet during the 1981
Timeline Coretta stepped down as ???? She stepped down as CEO and president of the Kings center for nonviolent social change and handed the reins of leadersship to her son Dexter Scott King.
Timeline Corretta Dies Coretta dies over night from a stroke
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