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Timeline of N.A.S.A Events by Miss D's Sixth Grade

Timeline created by ajd81379 in Science and Technology
Event Date: Event Title: Event Description:
P1010141 N.A.S.A. formally organized. N.A.S.A. Website
P1010142 Alan Shepard- First Man in Space Biography of Alan Shepard
P1010143 John Glenn-First man tro orbit the Earth Biography of John Glenn
P1010144 Ed White-First American to walk in Space Biography of Ed White
P1010145 Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin-first men to walk on the moon. Apollo 11 Crew
P1010146 SkyLab Space Station is launched. Official Skylab Space Station Website
P1010147 Apollo/Soyuz-First human spaceflight mission managed jointly by two nations. Official NASA Apollo/Soyuz Website
P1010148 Viking I Launched Viking I Website
P1010148 Viking II launched Viking II website
P1010149 Voyager I Spacecraft passes Jupiter
P1010150 The first STS mission wirh Space Shuttle Columbia
P1010151 Space Shuttle Challenger breaks apart in flight, killing all crew memebers aboard. Challenger STS 51-L Accident
P1010152 NASA's Hubble Telescope sent into space for exploration
P1010153 The First ISS space shuttle flight Biography of STS 1
P1010154 ISS is scheduled to be completed International Space Station: Assembly Flight Sequence
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