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Timeline of N.A.S.A Events by Miss D's Sixth Grade

Timeline created by ajd81379 in Science and Technology
Event Date: Event Title: Event Description:
P1010141 small square N.A.S.A. formally organized. N.A.S.A. Website
P1010142 small square Alan Shepard- First Man in Space Biography of Alan Shepard
P1010143 small square John Glenn-First man tro orbit the Earth Biography of John Glenn
P1010144 small square Ed White-First American to walk in Space Biography of Ed White
P1010145 small square Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin-first men to walk on the moon. Apollo 11 Crew
P1010146 small square SkyLab Space Station is launched. Official Skylab Space Station Website
P1010147 small square Apollo/Soyuz-First human spaceflight mission managed jointly by two nations. Official NASA Apollo/Soyuz Website
P1010148 small square Viking I Launched Viking I Website
P1010148 small square Viking II launched Viking II website
P1010149 small square Voyager I Spacecraft passes Jupiter
P1010150 small square The first STS mission wirh Space Shuttle Columbia
P1010151 small square Space Shuttle Challenger breaks apart in flight, killing all crew memebers aboard. Challenger STS 51-L Accident
P1010152 small square NASA's Hubble Telescope sent into space for exploration
P1010153 small square The First ISS space shuttle flight Biography of STS 1
P1010154 small square ISS is scheduled to be completed International Space Station: Assembly Flight Sequence
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