8th GRade History

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Timeline Paper Money PRohibited
Timeline Albany Plan on union
Timeline Poniac's Rebelion
Timeline French & Indian War End
Timeline George GRenville as Lor of Treasury
Timeline The Paxton Boys
Timeline Currency Act
Timeline Merchants Disobey Molasses Act
Timeline Sugar Act
Timeline Massachusetts Peittions King
Timeline Rhode Island & New York Petition
Timeline North CarolinaDebates Tax Rights
Timeline Stamp Act
Timeline First QUartering Act
Timeline Virginia Stamp Act Resolutions
Timeline Boston Mob Attacks
Timeline Stamp Act Congress
Timeline Congress Protests Taxation
Timeline Stamp Act Pepealed and Declaration Act Passes
Timeline Townshen Duties
Timeline Boston Riots
Timeline Non-Importation Agreement
Timeline Paul Revere Engraves Boston MAssacre
Timeline Boston Massacre
Timeline Boston Maassacre TRial
Timeline Chesapeake Recession
Timeline Anti-Smuggling Gaspee is Burmed
Timeline Hutchinson Salary Dispute
Timeline Bejamin rush Attacks Slavery
Timeline First Sleve Petition
Timeline Tea Act
Timeline Boston Tea Party
Timeline Boston Port Act
Timeline British Governor Threatens Emancipation
Timeline Act for the ImpartialAministration of Justice
Timeline Massaschusetts Government Act
Timeline Gunpowder Consolidated
Timeline Quaatrtering Act
Timeline New England Powder Alarm
Timeline Provincial Powder House
Timeline Cambridge Common Assembly
Timeline First Continrntal Congress
Timeline Quebec Act
Timeline Congress Bans British Goods
Timeline Paul Revere 's Early Ride
Timeline The British Are Coming
Timeline Paul Revere's Ride
Timeline Revere Beats Dawes
Timeline Lexington Mitilia Gathers
Timeline Second Continental Congress
Timeline Fort Ticonderoga Falls
Timeline Green Mountian Boys
Timeline Slave Uprise Rumors
Timeline Washington Takes Command
Timeline Bunker Hill
Timeline Quakers From Anti-Slavery Society
Timeline British Incite Slaves
Timeline Olive Branch Petition
Timeline Proclamation for Suppression
Timeline Revolutionary Economy Suffers
Timeline House of Lords Supports King
Timeline House of Commons Support King
Timeline Dunmore Frees Slaves
Timeline African-Americans Enlist
Timeline Salt Rock
Timeline Tenants Strike in Virginia
Timeline Women of New Jersey Vote
Timeline Thomas Paine Publishes Common scence
Timeline Quakers Abolish Slavery
Timeline Americans Attack British in Bpston
Timeline Americans Suprise British
Timeline Drive to Dorchester
Timeline British Retreat from Boston
Timeline Congress Recommends State Governments
Timeline Betsy Ross Begins Flag
Timeline Jefferson Begins the Declaration
Timeline Articles of Confederation Draft Comittee
Timeline Virinia Deliration of Rights
Timeline Jeffercon Completes Declaration
Timeline Virginia Drafts a New New Constitution
Timeline Virginia Adobts State Constition
Timeline Congress Vote for Independence
Timeline Congress Adobts declaration of Indepenence
Timeline Deligates Sign Declaration of Independence
Timeline Americans Defeated, Retreat
Timeline Pennsylvania Adobts Constitution
Timeline Morristown Winter
Timeline Magret Corbin
Timeline American Crisis
Timeline Washington Crosses the Delaware
Timeline PAine Deplores Tars and Feathering
Timeline Singers Names no Longer Secret
Timeline Armericans Repel British
Timeline Vermont Abolishes Slavery
Timeline Victory at Oriskany
Timeline British Occupy Philadelphia
Timeline BAttle Of Saratoga
Timeline Congress approves Articles
Timeline Valley Forge
Timeline George White eyes Murdered
Timeline French Aid
Timeline Iroquois Raid
Timeline Molly Pitcher