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  • FLH joins with Children's Aid Society

    With the support of Region 2, FLH Middle & High School gain the sponsorship of Children's Aid Society as their CBO and after school partner.
  • 6th Grade Orientation

    6th Grade Orientation with Teachers, Pilar Ramos, Rachael Wilde and Susan Gordon from 9AM to 12:30PM.
  • 7th Grade Orientation

    7th Grade Orientation from 10:30AM to 1:30PM with Teachers Carole-Ann Moench, Aaron McMickle, David Revilla, and Josh Rosen.
  • FLHMS Potluck Lunch

    FLHMS & Mothers on the Move organize a Parent Potluck Lunch. Families gathered at Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School Cafeteria and shared food and good times as part of opening the school for the 2005 school year. Mothers on the Move addressed the family social issues of housing and health as part of the gathering.
  • FLHMS Home Visits Kicked Off

    Fannie Lou Hamer Teachers and Mothers on the Move organizers visit homes. Principal, Lorraine Chanon, Czarina Thelen, MOM Organizer, and teacher, Rachael Wilde, were joined by a news reporter, Ellen Yan, at the home of student Gianell Dooley, and parent, Etrinda Twilley, on Gun Hill Road in the Bronx.
  • Growing Up in Cities

    FLHMS work with Growing Up in CitiesTeacher, Caryn Davidson, works with Cornell University to create the Growing Up in Cities program for students.
  • PA Meeting

    Childrens Aid Society introduces their After School agenda to the parents of Fannie Lou Hamer Middle School and Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School
  • Bard College supports student learning at FLHMS

    Bard College and FLHMS create curriculum study groups. Bard supports Math/Science teachers loooking at the needs of overage kids and project based learning. Bard History uses essential concepts that engage adults to see what will engage younger learners.
  • 1st Annual Valentine's Day Dance

    Future PA President, Jessica Ortiz, organizes the first annual Valentine's Day Dance. Ms. Ortiz said enthusiatically, "Our kids deserve a little celebration for all their hard work!" With the help of HS Secretary, Arelis Ordonez, the HS Cafeteria is transformed into a dance party. Spin master, Aaron McMickle makes the party rock.
  • Values Go to School

    In honor ob Black History Month, FLHMS & FLHFHS PA's do a special showin of Jonathan Diamond's film, Values Go to School. This film features Fannie Lou Hamer Middle School. After the film's viewing, parents have small group discussion's of the common values shared by the families and the schools their children attend.
  • PA trip to Studio Museum in Harlem

    The FLHMS & FLHFHS PA sponsors two trips to the Studio Museum in Harlem
  • 2nd Annual Open House for 5th Graders

    FLHMS hosts its 2nd Annual Open House for prospective 5th grade families.
  • Showcasing Technology in School

    Teachers in the Middle School and the High School showcase the use of technology in their classes. FLHMS teacher, Carole Ann Moench share the use of powerpoint to demonstrate student understanding of the constitution through Teaching Matters curriculum. The HS showcases the use of digital portfolio as part of the assessment process.
  • FLHMS becomes a School Wide Program

    The PA enthusiastically supports FLHMS becoming a School Wide Program. This allows FLHMS to use Title One funds across the school to support learning.
  • Honor the Game Basketball Program

    CAS sponsors Honor the Game basketball program on Saturdays in the HS gym.
  • Children's Aid Afterschool Begins

    Our first year with Childrens Aid Society has these offerings: Girls Group run by Carole Ann Moench, Photography Class with Pilar Ramos, Chorus run by Marco Rosales, Counseling Club run by Fatuma.
  • Summer Programs

    Childrens Aid Society discusses the summer programs available for Middle School students. Programs range from Alvin Ailey Dance Camp, Wagon Road Camp and Sports Camp. The HS features the availability of Summer School Enrichment Programs and Summer Youth Employment.
  • Poetry Jam

    Students perform their 1st Poetry Jam with the support of teacher, Dejah Lynch.
  • Trip to New York Aquarium

    7th Grade takes students to the New York Aquarium in Brooklyn.
  • Sceince in School

    Science Teacher, Molly Shabvca, shares the results of the Toshiba Grant that allowed HS students to do DNA work with the use of a high powered microscope. Parents also made nominations for the 06-07 PA.
  • Trip to Bronx Zoo

    Teacher, Kizhaya Roberts, takes 6th grade students to the Bronx Zoo.
  • Trip to Schomberg Library

    Teacher, Dejah Lynch, takes 7th grade students to Schomberg Library in Harlem
  • 1st Annual FLHMS Picture Day

    With the help of our PA, FLHMS is able to pull off our first picture day for students.
  • Peace in the Family Workshops

    FLHMS & FLHFHS work with Educators for Social Responsibility to offer Peace in the Family workshops in the evening. Topics include: Being a Child, Sometimes We All Can Win, Talking it Out, Peacing it All Together.
  • PA Elections

    The FLHMS Parent Association elects Elizabeth Thomas and Jessica Ortiz as Co-Presidents of the PA. Katrina Davis is elected Recording Secretary, Nora Carreras is elected Corresponding Secretary and Cynthia Betancourt is elected Treasurer.
  • 2006 Portfolios Submitted

    Another successful year of Portfolio Assessment at Fannie Lou Hamer Middle School. 100% of the 6th and 7th grade turned in their portfolios for moving up assessment.
  • Growing Up in Cities

  • Helping Your Teen with HW

    The PA provides a much needed workshop on helping students with homework.
  • 8th grade Open House and HS Information Session

    The 8th grade teachers host an information session about success in the 8th grade and preparing for HS articulation for FLHMS' first graduating class.
  • CES Horace reviews Values Go to School

  • The Freedom Poets Hispanic Celebration

    In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, teacher, Dejah Lynch organized a dance, poetry and music performance. Teacher, Lu Ristic organized student music performers as well.
  • 1st Family Fundraiser

    Parent Coordinator, Eric Ferreira, helps the Parent Association organize their first fundraiser for the 1st graduating class.
  • 3rd Annual Halloween Dance

    CAS and FLHMS host our third Annual Halloween Dance at the HS Cafeteria. Students and staff enjoy the sounds of DJ, Aaron McMickle.
  • FLHMS receives low report card scores

    FLHMS community is disappoimted in the new Report Card system of the New York City Department of Education. Despite being Incentive winners for student achievement, the DOE designates FLHMS as an "F" school due to lagging progress on test scores. The staff sees this a rallying call and re-works the curriculum show off student achievement.
  • New York Times on City Report Cards includes FLHMS

  • 1st Annual Final Friday

    On the Final Friday of the 2007 year, students and staff gather to celebrate, sing and watch student led performances.
  • FLHMS hosts Childsight Program

    FLHMS with CAS host Helen Keller's Childsight Program. This program provides free vision screening and eyeglasses for all students in need.
  • Small Schools Conference

    FLHMS teachers go to the HS for the Annual Small Schools Conference. Teacher, Sylvia Robb-Malone presents a workshop on Project Based Learning with the help of the Salvadori Center.
  • Picture Day

    FLHMS students get their photos taken with Lifetouch.
  • FLHMS teachers awarded UFT Incentives for Student Achievement

    The UFT celebrates the accomplishments of FLHMS students by awarding the teaching staff of FLHMS as 07-08 Perfomance Incentive Winners. FLHMS is one of seven District 12 schools to be awarded.
  • FLHMS awarded state of the art Science Lab

    The City Council awards FLHMS their own state of the art Science Lab.
  • Hunter Mountain Ski Trip for 6th grade

    With funding from State Assemblyman, Ruben Diaz, the 6th grade is able to take an enrichment trip to Hunter Mountain.
  • 7th Grade Trip to Nature's Classroom

    After much successful fundraising, the whole 7th grade embarks on a four day adventure to Connecticut's Nature's Classroom Environmental Center. Students and staff return transformed by the experience.
  • CAS Derby Day

    CAS hosts Derby Day for the HS & MS. Derby Day is a fun day of face painting, making crafts, sports competitions, and raffles.
  • Get Down in the Boogie Down Bronx Talent Show

    Childrens Aid Society sponsors a Bronx Middle School talent show for all CAS schools. Student, Jarid Mills, shows off a rock and roll drumming performance with teacher, Lu Ristic. Student, Eesa Rodriguez choreographs a hip-hop dance crew with sister, Rodriguez, brothers, Shameek & Tyshawn Mitchell with
  • FLHMS shows the most Math progress in the city!

  • 1st Annual Women in Technology Conference

  • San Diego Times Interviews FLHMS Staff

  • New York Cares give FLHMS a facelift!

    <a href='' >
    Click to see New York Cares Volunteers Working Hard at FLHMS New York Cares volunteers work long and hard to uplift the hallways of Fannie Lou Hamer Middle School. Volunteers also give classrooms a boost by leveling books in the libraries. Organizer, AP Stephen Walton is thrilled by the quality of work by the volunteers. "It will make a difference in the lives of our students!", says Walton.
  • Fannie Lou Panthers win against IS98

  • Principal, Lorraine Chanon, receives Incentive Bonus from CSA

    The CSA recognizes the efforts of Principal Lorraine Chanon in creating a school of student achievement. The principal is one of several Distict 12 schools awarded a bonus based on the improved performance of FLHMS students.
  • "I am from" Video Poem submitted to Tribeca Film Institute

    Teacher, Claudia Amaya, works with students, Rodrigo Bravo, Melanie Santos, Jasmine Rodriguez to support the student written, student filmed, student edited work, "I am from..."
  • Fannie Lou Hamer Panthers beat IS214

    FLHMS Panthers win against IS214. Players include Quaran Williams, Jonathan Brathwaite, Tony Crespo, Alyze McMeo, Xavier Molina, Gabriel Franklin, Jesse Delossantos, Malcolm Martinez, Andy Ordonez, annd Marcus Walden.
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