The History of Drums

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Jan 1st, 1000
Tiako 300 BC The Tiako drum is from japan it was introduced by the koreans, This drum was made sometime around 300 BC
Mesopotamian drum
Jan 4th, 1000
First Drum 6000 B.C. The first drums found was in Mesospotamia. The drum was made of clay and it was shaped like a square.
Empdragongongcymbals 40233224
Dec 19th, 1000
Cymbals 1100 BC The cymbals were originally made in Turkey and China. The Cymbals were also used in early culture such as in Israel and Egypt.
History of the snare drum tabor
Jan 1st, 1300
Snare Drum The first snare drum was made in medieval Europe. It was also know as the Tabor.
Jan 1st, 1400
First Bass Drum 14th century in Europe the first bass drum was made. It was know in the west as the Turkish Drum.
Dec 19th, 1400
Timpani It was braught to Europe in the 1400s. However the timpani was no used in Orchestras until the 1600s. The timpani is made up of several drums. The timpani is different than other drums because it has a definete pitch.
1172 ancient style snare drum by clayton holmes 1 mid
Feb 1st, 1500
Snare Drum The snare drum was modify and use for war by the Turks.
328757 main full Bongo drum The bongo drum comes from cuba. The word bongo means twin drum. This drum can be traced back to Africa.
Vintagedrum The first Drum Kit The first drum kit was put together around the 1930s. It was made popular by ben Ducan.
Roland td12k drum kit Electric Drum Set Karl Bartos invented the first electric drum. It was not nearly as good as the electric drum that we have today. The sound produced by this first drum was not great.
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The History of Drums The date the drums were found.