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  • Jan 1, 1247

    Robin Hood's earliest origin of Evidence from 1247

    "[Robin Hood's] death is stated by Ritson to have taken place on the 18th of November, 1247, about the 87th year of his age; but according to the following inscription found among the papers of the Dean of York...the death occurred a month later. In this inscription, which bears evidence of high antiquity, Robin Hood is described as Earl of Huntington - his claim to which title has been as hotly contested as any disputed peerage upon record."
  • Jan 1, 1261

    One of the earliest works of Robin Hood

    "The oldest references to Robin Hood are not historical records, or even ballads recounting his exploits, but hints and allusions found in various works. From 1228 onwards the names 'Robinhood', 'Robehod' or 'Hobbehod' occur in the rolls of several English Justices. The majority of these references date from the late 13th century. Between 1261 and 1300 there are at least eight references to 'Rabunhod' in various regions across England, from Berkshire in the south to York in the north."
  • Jan 1, 1283

    Quasi-Historical Robin Hood

    "The first mention of a quasi-historical Robin Hood is given in Andrew of Wyntoun's Orygynale Chronicle, written in about 1420. The following lines occur with little contextualisation under the year 1283:
    Lytil Jhon and Robyne Hude
    Wayth-men ware commendyd gude
    In Yngil-wode and Barnysdale
    Thai oysyd all this tyme thare trawale."
    This text has been altered in a later date of around 1420 in the book above.
  • Jan 1, 1400

    Robin Hood's from the early 15th Century

    Robin Hood's from the early 15th Century
    "In popular culture, Robin Hood and his band of merry men are usually portrayed as living in Sherwood Forest, in Nottinghamshire. Much of the action in the early ballads takes place in Nottinghamshire, and the earliest known ballad shows the outlaws fighting in Sherwood Forest. So does the very first recorded Robin Hood rhyme, four lines from the early 15th century, beginning: "Robyn hode in scherewode stod."
  • Jan 1, 1492

    Robin Hood "A Gest of Robyn Hode" (Ballad)

    ""A Gest of Robyn Hode" is Child Ballad 117; it is also called A Lyttell Geste of Robyn Hode in one of the two oldest manuscripts that contain it.
    It is one of the oldest surviving tales of Robin Hood, printed between 1492 and 1534, but shows every sign of having been put together from several already existing tales. John Holt believes A Gest of Robyn Hode was written in approximately 1450. It is a lengthy tale, consisting of eight fyttes. It is a ballad written in Middle English."
  • Jan 1, 1500

    Rhymes of Robin Hood

    "The first clear reference to "rhymes of Robin Hood" is from the late 14th-century poem Piers Plowman, but the earliest surviving copies of the narrative ballads which tell his story have been dated to the 15th century or the first decade of the 16th century. In these early accounts Robin Hood's partisanship of the lower classes, his Marianism and associated special regard for women."
  • Robin Hood, His Book (Book)

    Robin Hood, His Book (Book)
    First book by Eva March Tappan
    Publisher: Little, Brown & Company 1903
  • Robin Hood& His Merry Men

    This is the first british silent movie of Robin Hood.
  • Robin Hood Outlawed

    This is the second silent movie of Robin Hood.
  • Days of Robin Hood

    This is the third silent movie of Robiin Hood.
  • Robin Hood

    Robin Hood
    This is another movie which was created, directed by Douglas Fairbanks.
  • The Adventures of Robin Hood

    The next movie after Robin Hood was "The Adventures of Robin Hood", directed by Michael Curtis and William Keighly.
  • The bandit of Sherwood

    Another movie of Robin Hood created in 1946.
  • Prince of Thieves

    "Jon Hall played the leading role in this version based on a tale by Alexander Dumas."
  • Rogues of Sherwood Forest

    This is the 8th movie of Robin Hood, "Rogues of Sherwood Forest".
  • Tales of Robin Hood

    "This was actually a failed American television pilot episode produced by Hal Roach."
  • The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men

    The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men
    This was the most expensive Robin Hood film made to date. "this first Disney venture into the greenwood with Richard Todd as Robin (pictured top left) did not live up to its expectations."
  • The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men

    The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men
    "Maid Marian was played by Joan Rice (pictured bottom left) who had worked as a waitress in Nottingham when in her teens and the Sheriff of Nottingham was played by the Australian Peter Finch."
  • The Adventures of Robin Hood 1956-60 (Series)

    The Adventures of Robin Hood 1956-60 (Series)
    This successful TV series is still remembered with great affection and had several re-runs selling to many countries throughout the world. Richard Greene, a Hollywood star, brought athletic good looks and style to the part where he and his men were forever foiling the plans of the dastardly Sheriff played by Alan Wheatley. Paul Eddington andWill Scarlett. "
    The theme tune from each episode and recorded by Dick James was played to the match crowd at the Nottingham Forest Football Club.
  • Son of Robin Hood

    June Laverick played the character of Robin Hood's daughter. "Its only redeeming feature was the final excellent duel with swords, sabres and pikes."
  • Men of Sherwood Forest

    Hammer Film Productions made 4 versions;
    Men of Sherwood Forest (1960)
    Sword of Sherwood Forest (1961)

    A Challenge for Robin Hood (1967)
    Wolf's Head: The Adventures of Robin Hood (1973) "Men of Sherwood Forest (1960) starred Don Taylor"
  • Sword of Sherwood Forest

    Starring; Richard Greene, reprising the role he played in the TV Series and Peter Cushing who played the Sheriff.
  • A Challenge for Robin Hood

    Directed by C. Pennington-Richards
    Starring; Barrie Ingham, Peter Blythe and James Arnatt.
  • Wolf's Head: The Adventures of Robin Hood

    Hammer Film Productions' final film "Wolf's Head: The Adventures of Robin Hood" that they have created.
  • Robin Hood (DvDs)

    Robin Hood (DvDs)
    One of the first dvds made of Robin Hood. Directed by Wolgang Reitherman
    Starring the voices of Brian Bedford, Phil Harris and Peter Ustinov

    In this Disney animated feature - a box-office hit - all the characters are played by animals - Robin (voiced by Brian Bedford) is a cunning fox, Little John (Phil Harris) is a bear and the bad guys are vultures and rhinos - Peter Ustinov voiced Prince John.
  • The Legend of Robin Hood (Series)

    "The TV serial produced by the BBC in 1975 The Legend of Robin Hood proved to be controversally violent since it was programmed for early evening children's viewing."
  • Robin and Marian

    Robin and Marian
    Directed by Richard Lester
    Starring Sean Connery, Audrey Hepburn, Richard Harris,
    Nicol Williamson, Robert Shaw
  • Robin and Marian

    Robin and Marian
    "In this epic version, Sean Connery (pictured left) plays an older Robin and Audrey Hepburn (pictured right) an older Maid Marian, now a nun."
  • Robin of Sherwood (Series)

    Robin of Sherwood (Series)
    "The Hooded Man as portrayed by Michael Praed who came on to TV Screens in 1984 was a different Robin Hood. The haunting musical score composed and performed by Irish folk/rock group Clannad and authentic period drama gained a new generation of viewers."
  • Robin of Sherwood (Dvd Boxset of Series)_

    Robin of Sherwood (Dvd Boxset of Series)_
    "This Robin of Sherwood box set of the 1980's BBC Robin Hood contains all 26 episodes. Michael Praed initially played the role of Robin Hood, followed by Jason Connery. The series was gritty and authentic with real life history in it and pagan myth."
  • The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood (Book)

    The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood (Book)
    Title The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood
    Signet classics
    Author Howard Pyle
    Edition illustrated
    Publisher Signet Classic, 1986
    ISBN 0451522842, 9780451522849
    Length 416 pages
  • Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

    Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
    Directed by Kevin Reynolds
    Starring Kevin Costner, Morgan Freeman, Alan Rickman and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
    Music - Bryan Adam's Everything I Do I Do It For You
  • Robin Hood Prince of Thieves (DvDs)

    Robin Hood Prince of Thieves (DvDs)
    "Kevin Costner's English accent isn't great, but this is still an exciting film version of Robin Hood. Alan Rickman gives a wonderful portrayal of the Sheriff of Nottingham, taxing the poor and tryng to capture Robin Hood."
  • Robin Hood Men In Tights (DvDs)

    Robin Hood Men In Tights (DvDs)
    "This is the 1993 comedy film, directed by Mel Brooks, containing many jokes relating to previous Robin Hood films - especially Robin Hood Prince of Thieves! It's a parody of the classic English Robin Hood and his merry men tales. Patrick Stewart plays King Richard. There's Mel Brooks' usual Jewish slant included in the film, where Friar Tuck is a Rabbi!"
  • Robin Hood (TV Series)

    Robin Hood (TV Series)
    "Based on the traditional stories of legendary English folk hero Robin Hood, the programme started on 7 October 2006. Series 2 commenced broadcasting on 6 October 2007 with the final two episodes on 29 December 2007. Series 3 began airing on 28 March 2009 [2] for a thirteen episode run. The series was cancelled by the BBC in July 2009."
  • Robin Hood (DvDs Boxset Series 1)

    Robin Hood (DvDs Boxset Series 1)
    "This Series 1 box set of the recent BBC Robin Hood contains all 13 episodes. Robin of Locksley (Jonas Armstrong) finds on his return to Nottingham that it is now corrupt, run ruthlessly by the Sheriff of Nottingham (Keith Allen)."
  • Robin Hood (DvDs Boxset Series 2)

    Robin Hood (DvDs Boxset Series 2)
    "This Series 2 box set of the recent BBC Robin Hood contains all 13 episodes. Following on from the first series, Robin (Jonas Armstrong) finds the Sheriff plotting to kill King Richard on his return from the Holy Land. The Sheriff (Keith Allen) also wants Robin dead and sets about trying to catch him, with the help of his sister Davina. Marion escapes to the forest to be with Robin, only to be captured by Guy of Gisborne."
  • Robin Hood (DvDs Boxset Series 3)

    Robin Hood (DvDs Boxset Series 3)
    "This Series 3 box set of the recent BBC Robin Hood contains all 13 episodes. Three months on from Marion's death and Robin is a changed man. He's full of anger and grief, wanting revenge on Guy of Gisborne for killing Marion. Fortunately, he meets Friar Tuck, who helps him get back on track. Prince John arrives, forcing Robin and Gisborne into an uneasy truce."
  • Robin Hood "The Outlaw's Revenge" (Game)

    Robin Hood "The Outlaw's Revenge" (Game)
    The Game "The Sheriff of Nottingham has challenged Robin Hood to participate in a gladiatorial tournament. Take on the role of 'Robin Hood' and fight your way through a series of challenges to the final showdown with the Sheriff himself."
  • The Legend Of Robin Hood (Game)

    The Legend Of Robin Hood (Game)
    "The objective of this game is to help Robinhood to defeat the king by fighting with his soldiers through various challenging levels and achieve best score. In order to clear a level, you need to stay alive by escaping from there attack and kill all of the enemy soldiers by using bow, sword or crossbow wisely. Destroy the barrels to collect arrows, armor and health. Good Luck!"
  • Robin Hood Adventures

    "Robin Hood Adventures
    Be immersed into Robin's world, with action-packed features about the characters, exciting photo stories and more about the weapons and life in the middle ages."
  • Robin Hood

    Robin Hood
    Directed by Ridley Scott
    Produced by Brian Grazer
    Written by Brian Helgeland
    Ethan Reiff
    Cyrus Voris
    Starring Russell Crowe
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