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History of Overtown (Miami)

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Timeline small square City of Miami incorporated The Florida East Coast Railway extends into the South Florida area. The City of Miami is officially incorporated, while black railroad workers are segregated and put to live in a northwest section of Miami designated "Colored Town".
Timeline small square Lyric Theater Geder Walker, a black real estate investor, builds the Lyric Theater on the corner of NW 8th St. and NW 2nd Ave. The theater was in the middle of Overtown's art and entertainment district and contributed to the community's cultural influence.
Timeline small square Washington High School Booker T. Washington High School is opened to serve the African-American population in South Florida.
Timeline small square Highway Act, Overtown City officials opt to build two highways through Overtown and the city of Miami as per the newly enacted Federal Aid Highway Act legislation. The plan is carried out by the Department of Transportation.
Timeline small square Overtown pop. 33,000 Overtown reaches a peak population of approximately 33,000.
Timeline small square Scandal and Riots Three days of rioting ensue after a Hispanic police officer fatally shoots a Neville Johnson, a black man, in an arcade.
Timeline small square Miami Metrorail Metrorail service commences after three-and-a-half years of construction, linking Overtown to Pinecrest.
Timeline small square Youth Center opens Funded by Alonzo Mourning Charities, Inc., Overtown Youth Center opens to the community.
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Liberty City Liberty City, named for the Liberty Square Housing Project built for low-income African-Americans in the late 1930s, is established.

Interstates built Two interstate highways are built, transversing the city east-west (Interstate 395) and north-south (Interstate 95).

Urban Renewal Urban Renewal Program instituted, resulting in the demolition of many older homes in Overtown.