Timeline created by bbta
  • I was born

    I was born at 11:52 a.m at an cristan hospital
  • First Halloween

    i was a mounth old. I dreesed up as a kitten
  • My first Christmas

    i spent my first Christmas in Missuiri
  • My first word

    I said moma,
  • Leared to sit up

  • Leared to crawl

  • Learned to walk

    on my first birthday i got a scooter and i was walkin with it out side and i let go and kept walking so my mom calls me scooter.
  • Got first hair cut

  • Potty Tranied

  • Lost great grandma

  • Started school

  • Lost first tooth

  • Graduated kindergarden

  • Learned to ride bike

  • First time to sea world

    This is a big thing in my family bcause we go every year.
  • Got lost at sea world

  • first time to sixflags

  • Stepdad

  • moved to Grand Priarie

  • Started Jr.High

  • Learned to play violn

  • my dog died

    i had her for 10 years and she got ran over,she was pregnet
  • Cousin was born

  • Meet dad

    he doesnt even talk to me now
  • Grandpa and step grandma got married

  • My first teen year

    i turned 13 teen
  • Step anut has a baby

  • My step sister has a baby