Key Biology Scientist

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  • Jul 23, 1500

    Leonardo Da Vinci

    Video One of the founders of science and had thousands of journals on human and animal anatomy.
  • Charles Darwin

    Video Darwin Stopped in the Galapagos during his voyage with the beagle. The information he gathered lead him to his theory of evolution by natural selection
  • Gregor Mendel

    VideoGregor Mendel was the founder of genetics. At the Abbey of St. Thomas Mendel was a monk and completed his genetic experiments on pea plants.
  • Watson and Crick

    VideoWatson and Crick are most noted for their discovery of the shape of DNA.
  • Human Genome Project

    videoWas a project that was completed in 2003. What was completed was the complete DNA sequence of a human approx 30000 genes.