African American Authors

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Jupiter Jupiter Hammon Jupiter Hammon was born into slavery on Long Island, New York.
2760707810 57277343ae Birth of Venture Smith Venture Smith, originally named Broteer Furro, was born somewhere in West Africa to a prince who had several wifes.
Phillis wheatley 2 sized Birth of Phillis Wheatly Phillis Weatly is born in West African. However, her exact birth date is not known.
Cf0c909d0475907c Briton Hammon is Published Briton Hammon publishes The Narrative of the Uncommon Sufferings and Surprizing Deliverance of Briton Hammon, a Negro Man in Boston. It is one of the oldest known African American autobiographies.
Jupiter An Evening Thought- Jupiter Hammon Jupiter Hammon's poem "An Evening Thought. Salvation by Christ with Penitential Cries" is published and he becomes the first known published African American writer in America.
2760707810 57277343ae Venture Smith is Free! Venture Smith is finally able to buy his own freedom for seventy-one pounds and two shillings.
Phillis wheatley 2 sized Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral Phillis Wheatly publishes Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral in London.
Phillis wheatley 2 sized Phillis Wheatly Dies Phillis Wheatly dies from child birth complications at the age of 31.
Walkertp Birth of David Walker David Walker was born a free man in Wilmington, North Carolina to an enslaved father and free mother.
180px georgemoseshortonplaque George Horton is Born George Moses Horton is born into slvery on a tabacco farm in Chatham County, North Carolina.
54 Maria Stewart Born Maria Stewart is born in Hartford, Connecticut.
2760707810 57277343ae Venture Smith Dies Venture Smith dies in Haddam Neck, Connecticut on his own farm.
Jupiter Jupiter Hammon's Death Although the exact date of Jupuer Hammon's death is unknown, it is known that he died before 1806
250px delany Martin R. Delany Born Martin R. Delany is born to a free mother and enslaved father in Charles Town, West Virginia. Because his mother is free he is bor free. However, when he was young, people tried to enslave him, his mother, and his sister. Thankfully, his mother was able to fight for their freedom though.
Fewharper Frances E. W. Harper is Born Frances E. W. Harper is born in Baltimore, Maryland to free parents. However, her mother dies when she is three years old and she was then raised by her aunt and uncle.
180px georgemoseshortonplaque George Horton is Published Horton's first collection of poetry, The Hope of Liberty, is published.
Timeline Robert A. Young Publishes Ethiopian Manifesto Robert A. Young Publishes Ethiopian Manifesto
Walkertp Appeal To the Coloured Citizens of the World David Walker's Appeal To the Coloured Citizens of the World was published by a Boston printer. A price was put on his head by southern slave owners.
Walkertp David Walker's Death David Walker dies in Charlestown, MA a few months before his yongest son was born.
Fewharper Frances Harper Publishes Harper's second book Poems on Miscellaneous Subjects is published. Her first book, Forest Leaves, was published in 1845 but has been lost.
250px delany Martin Delany Travels to Liberia and London Martin Delany travels to Liberia in order to start a new black nation. However his plans never worked out. After leaving Liberia, he went to London and as honored by the International Statistical Congress.
54 Maria Stewart Dies Maria Stewart dies in Washington DC.
180px georgemoseshortonplaque George Horton Dies Horton dies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he moved to after the Civil War.
250px delany Martin R. Delany Dies Martin R. Delany dies of tuberculosis in Charleston.
Fewharper Frances Harper Dies Frances Harper Dies