The History of the Internet

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  • The Seeds Are Planted

    The Seeds Are Planted
    Poynter Online According to Poynter Online, the seeds of Online Journalism were planted in 1969 when the U.S. government began testing ARPA, a network of computers that would serve as the cornerstone for the modern internet. In the same year, the New York Times began storing abstracts of every published article in an electronic information bank used to this day.
  • Ethernet and the UPI

    Ethernet and the UPI
    Ethernet and the UPI In 1973, Poynter reports that research Bob Metcalfe wrote an article about the importance of Ethernet technology, a now widely used internet utility. Additionally, United Press International announced the installation of computer terminals in each of their 100 U.S. bureaus.
  • Apple/BBC teletext

    Apple/BBC teletext
    Apple/BBC teletext Poynter cites 1976 as the year the Apple computer was first created by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. The BBC also began using teletext technology in the same year.
  • LAN and Dial-Up

    LAN and Dial-Up
    LAN and Dial-Up According to Poynter, local area network software was first developed in 1980. The Associated Press also began using dial-up technology in the same year
  • Windows and Forums

    Windows and Forums
    Windows and Forums Poynter Online marks 1985 as the advent of Microsoft's Windows software. An online discussion community, the WELL was also founded by Stewart Brand and Larry Brilliant in this year.
  • NFSNET and AOL

    NFSNET and AOL
    Poynter OnlineIn 1989, the ARPANET network was replaced by a fast system called NFSNET. Additionally, in this year Compuserve purchased America Online, which would become one of the world's most popular browsers.
  • Pentium and Online News

    Pentium and Online News
    Poynter OnlineIn 1993, Intel unveiled its Pentium chip. Also, newspapers began using Online additions, assimilating to the digital age.
  • Increased Use and AOL Crash

    Increased Use and AOL Crash
    Poynter OnlineIn 1996, Nielsen reported that internet use increased 50 percent between September 1995 and April 1996. Additionally, an 18 hour AOL crash infuriated users worldwide.
  • Youtube and Anchor Blog

    Youtube and Anchor Blog
    Poynter OnlineIn 2005, Youtube was launched. In addition, NBC news anchor Brian Williams began his new blog, "The Daily Nightly".
  • Bush Blog and Youtube CBS

    Bush Blog and Youtube CBS
    Poynter OnlineIn 2008, The White House under then President George W. Bush began the first ever Presidential blog. CBS's Katie Couric also launched the network's Youtube Channel.