Age of Exploration

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125px mameluke flag svg
Jan 1st, 1400
LEBANON Mamluke Rule from 1282.
1747967 alvise ca da mosto venetian explorer mauritania
Jan 1st, 1455
PORTUGAL - Cadamosto Cadamosto reached the mouth of the Gambia River in West Africa.
Christopher columbus 4
Aug 3rd, 1492
SPAIN - Columbus Christopher Columbus sets sail for India.
Columbus taking possession
Oct 12th, 1492
SPAIN - Columbus Columbus reaches San Salvadore.
Jun 24th, 1497
ENGLAND - Cabot John Cabot found Newfoundland
Vasco da gama
Jul 8th, 1497
PORTUGAL - De Gama De Gama set sail to make his way around Cape Good Hope.
May 21st, 1498
PORTUGAL - De Gama De Gama became the first European to set foot on Indian soil.
Sep 5th, 1500
PORTUGAL - Gaspar Gaspar discovered Greenland.
Sep 6th, 1500
PORTUGAL Brazil claimed for Portugal.
350px columbus landing on hispaniola adj
Nov 7th, 1503
SPAIN - Columbus Columbus finds Jamaica.
Sep 25th, 1513
SPAIN - Balboa Balboa discovers the Pacific Ocean.
300px flag of the ottoman empire  281453 1844 29 svg
Jan 1st, 1516
LEBANON Fall of Mamluke rule and beginning of Ottoman rule.
Fort caroline
Sep 20th, 1516
SPAIN - Menendez Menendez attacked and massacred everyone in Fort Caroline.
Aug 10th, 1519
SPAIN - Magellan Magellan set sail to circumnavigate the world.
Cortez montezuma mexico city
Nov 8th, 1519
SPAIN - Cotres Cortes reaches Tenoichtitlan.
Sep 4th, 1520
SPAIN - Magellan Pacific Ocean named due to its calm waters.
May 7th, 1521
SPAIN - Magellan Magellan arrives at Guam.
Noche triste3
Sep 4th, 1521
SPAIN - Cortes Cortes defeats the entire Aztec Nation.
Pizarro seizing the inca of peru
Aug 1st, 1533
SPAIN - Pizzaro Pizzaro defeats the Inca and returns with three times more than Cortes at the Aztec.
Jacques cartier claims canada for france  illustration from newnes pictorial book of knowledge
Sep 6th, 1534
FRANCE - Cartier Cartier discovers Montreal and St. Lawrence River.
May 30th, 1539
SPAIN - De Soto De Soto set sail for the Bahamas to find the Fountain of Youth and lands in Florida.
Aug 7th, 1540
SPAIN - Coronado Coronado sets out on an Expedition through Mexico to find Cibola, the famed "City of Gold".
De soto mississippi river
Sep 4th, 1541
SPAIN - De Soto Mississippi River discovered.
Samuel de champlain s FRANCE - Champlain Champlain settled Montreal.
Henryhudson ENGLAND - Hudson Henry Hudson discovered the bay that would become New York Harbor.
Timeline LEBANON Prince Fakhr EdDine returns from exile.
Timeline NETHERLANDS Batuia colonized by the Dutch.
7633 004 e2361b37 NETHERLANDS - Coen Lothen taken by force.
1024color LEBANON Prince Fakhr EdDine defeats Mustafa Pasha at Anjar.
Timeline LEBANON Execution of Prince Fakhr EdDine II at Constantinople.
Tasman island tasmania NETHERLANDS - Tasman Tasman discovered the shore of Tasmania.
Murderers  bay  cropped NETHERLANDS - Tasman Tasman discoveres New Zeland.
Expl2a 00266 FRANCE - Joilet Lois Joilet discoveres Mississippi River.
Timeline FRANCE - Cadillac Cadillac set sail for Canada
Cadillac FRANCE - Cadillac Cadillac founded Detroit.