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Rangi papa Maori Legends ranganui and papatuanuku Rotorua has a long and interesting history with many famous Maori legends and stories based in this area. Ranginui, the Sky father, and Papatuanuku, the Earth mother, held each other in a tight embrace. They had many children who, lost in the darkness between their parents, began to wonder how it would be to live in light. They talked amongst themselves whether it would be better to slay their parents or push them apart.
Picture1 Hamner Springs Hanmer Springs, as it is now known, has been enjoyed by visitors for123 years. The thermal resources in the area were discovered in 1859. However, early development was hindered by the inaccessibility of the region and it was another 20 years before the springs were developed, with the construction of an iron bathing shed and appointment of a manager in 1879. Since then they have been a massive tourist attraction and a treasured native piece of land
Picture1 Tongariro National Park Established in 1887, Tongariro was the first national park in New Zealand and the fourth in the world. It is important to the Maori cultural and spiritual associations as well as its outstanding volcanic features. Those tourists who like to exercise will love the sights and national Heritage this magical place has to offer.
Waitomo 20caves Waitomo caves Jubilant at their discovery, they returned many times to explore further, and on an independent trip Chief Tane discovered the upper level of the cave and an easier access. Only after many subsequent visits did they discover an entry point on land. This is the same entry point used today by thousands of visitors annually. By 1889 Tane Tinorau had opened the cave to tourists. Visitor numbers soared and Chief Tane and his wife Huti escorted groups through the cave for a small fee.
Thermal pools Thermal Pools and fishing Late 1800 and people started coming to NZ to heal themselves in the thermal mineral waters and go fishing in fresh water Lakes and Rivers.
Dpk0029 The Second World War The Second World War starts.Because of this the tourisim Industry almost stops completely. this will carry on for the next 6 years.
Opo Opo the Dolphin opo the dolphin was a tourist sensation in the 1955/56 . Opo was a very playful and friendly Bottlenose Dolphin, who would let people play with her and even let small kids ride on her back. Sadly Opo was found dead on some rocks on Koutu Point. She was buried with full Maori honours beside the Opononi Town Hall
Bungee jumper Modern Bungy jumping Comercial bungy jumping first started in New Zealand by AJ Hackett. he invented bungy jumping he first strarted bungy jumping with vinesBungee jumping is an activity that involves jumping from a tall structure while connected to a large elastic cord.
451 Waipa Delta. The Waipa Delta, a paddle boat replica of the boat from 1876. It is a poplular tourist destination because it was once touring the Waikato river but now it tours the Viaduct Harbour in Auckland City, It is so popular because of the peace while you are on the boat.
Ww2 fighters Warbirds over Wanaka In 1988 aviation entrepreneur Tim Wallis presented an airshow and country fair that attracted 14,000 visitors to Wanaka Airport.
Delighted with this success, he decided to expand on the theme and hold an annual event over the long Easter weekend. As the show grew so did its support and now around 80,000 people make the journey to Wanaka for their weekend of excitement.
Rotorua 20jan 202 20zorb Zorb rotorua The rotorua zor is a great plce to go. Great fun for people of all ages, there a are a number of ride and track options.A great place for you to get your adrenaline fix.
Aucklandnight Skytower The Auckland Skyower was a BIG STEP in Tourism for NZ as it attracted many foreign people because it is a national Icon and because it is also the tallest building in the southern Hemisphere. I stands at 328 metres or 1076 feet.
248225903 61f06e5c83 Rotorua Luge The Luge is an exciting ride for all ages. A world 'first' proudly designed and built in Rotorua, the Luge is a fun filled ride on a three-wheel cart. The braking and steering provides the rider full control and allows them to travel as fast or slow as they wish.Three separate concrete tracks wind through the redwood trees. Children under six are able to be carried in tandem. Riders return to the top of the luge on a chairlift.
Imagescam2nxos the martin jetpack The next generation for tourists. Jetpacks will soon probably take over from other ways of sightseeing. It will be first commercially sold to buyers towards the end of 2010