Digital Timeline with the Six Strands

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Timeline 2nd 1750 AD -1955 Industrial Wave Industrial Wave
Flower   galleryplayer Agricultural Wave 8000 B.C. to 1750 A.D
Cprr Stand 2 Technology - Railroad Railroad
Johndewey Strand 4 Education- John Dewey DeweyJohn Dewey belived that humans use truth to solve problems and learning is active.
210px queen victoria by bassano Strand 6 Political QueenQueen Victoria dies.
Morgan Strand 3 Business/Corporate Dev. - Steel MorganJ.P. Morgan merged the Carnegie Steel Company and several other steel and iron businesses to form the first billion dollar corporation in America.
Wmckinley Strand 6 Political McKinleyPresident McKinley begins second term as president and is fatally shot.
Photos first in flight Strand 3 Business/corporate Dev. - Wright Brothers WrightFirst flight at Kitty Hawk by the Wright Brothers
Wright takeoff prepsm Strand 5 Society The Wright Brothers flew the first controlled airplane near Kitty Hawk, N.C.
Ivan pavlov  28nobel 29 Strand 4 - Classical Conditioning PavlovThe first type of learning to be discovered in the early 1900's. Ivan Pavlov played a key role in the development of classical conditioning.
Ford4 Strand 2 Technology - Mass Production FordHenry Ford built the automobile using a method of mass production called the assembly line.
Ww1 13 Strand 5 Society AngelAngel Island in San Franciso, an immigration station, opens to Asian Immigrants coming to America.
Reason 8 Strand 5 Society BoyBoy Scouts of America was incorporated in the United States. It is the largest youth organization in the world.
Trianglefire Strand 3 Business/Corporate Dev.- Triangle Shirtwaist Fire TriangleA factory in New York caught fire killing an estimated 500 workers. The led to the beginning of strikes and labor unions.
Montorgbanner Stand 4 Education Montessori Started by Maria Montessori
The first Montessori school was opened in the U.S, in 1912.
Const Strand 6 Political FordThe 16th amendement allows Congress to collect income tax.
Timeline Strand 3 Business/ Corporate Dev. - Henry Ford HenryHenry Ford brought down the price of the Ford Model T with the use of the assembly line. The assembly increased the speed of the production of cars.
World war 1 1917 photo Strand 6 Political WWIThe United States enters WWI.
War Strand 2 Technology - War WilsonPresident Wilson enters the United States in World War I.
Timeline Strand 4 Education - Social Interdependence SocialThis takes place when individuals share common goals.
Stanton Strand 6 Political Women'sWomen's Suffrage was ratified granting nation-wide suffrage to women.
Radio Strand 2 Technology - KDKA radioThe first radio broadcast by a radio station.
Mussolinia Strand 6 Political MussoliniBenito Mussolini starts facist government and marches on Rome.
Bessie Strand 5 Society BessieSinger Bessie Smith makes her first blue's album
Timeline Strand 5 Society KKKWidespread Klu Klux Klan violence erutped in the United States.
175px jean piaget Strand 4 Education - Jean Piaget PiagetPiaget developed the stages of cognitive development for children ages birth to eleven and up.
180px crowd outside nyse Strand 3 Business/Corporate Dev. - Stock Market Crash StockThis day is known as Black Tuesday.
Lange migrantmother02 Strand 3 Business/ Corporate Dev.- Great Depression Great
Water0201 Strand 5 - Dust Bowl The Dust Bowl occured when topsoil was blown from barren lands and carried in storms.
First tv set Stand 2 Technology - Television televisionAmerica's new form of entertainment is invented.
4400 01 Strand 6 Political Star“The Star-Spangled Banner” was made the national anthem by Congress.
A ken watanabe sunset in memories of tomorrow   yoshikazu kato roar Strand 4 Education - Memory Frederic C. Bartlett wrote a book titled "Remembering: A Study in Experimental and Social Psychology/" that focused on memiories of the past.
Ae eyrs2 Strand 5 Society AmeliaAmelia Earhart becomes the first woman to fly.
Kouwenhoven defibrilator Strand 2 Technology - Defibrillator Dr. William Bennett Kouwenhoven esearch led to the creation of the closed defibrillator to jump start the heart.
5537.a Strand 6 Political Hitler Becomes Chancellor
Fdrpodium Strand 3 Business/ Corporate Dev. - New Deal Franklin Rooselvelt creates New Deal Programs to put Americans back to work.
180px detroit police prohibition Strand 5 Society The 21st amendment that repealed prohibition was ratified.
Timeline Strand 3 Business/ Corporate - Social Security Social Security Act
225px b.f. skinner at harvard circa 1950 Strand 4 Education - B.F. Skinner Skinner introduces his theory of operant conditioning.
250px churchill Strand 6 Politcal Sir Winston Churchhill becomes Britain's Prime Minister
K13513t Strand 6 Political Japan attacks U.S. at Pearl Harbor causing us to enter WWII.
Timeline Strand 3 Business/ Corporate- The Draft Congress lowers the draft age to 18.
Atomic bomb Strand 2 Technology - Atomic Bomb The atomic bomb deveolpment was known as the Manhattan Project. It was used during World War II to make Japan surrender.
Cone Strand 4 Education - Visual materials Edgar Dale created the Cone of Experience. Its purpose was for educators to provide a visual learning experience using materials.
Robinson jackie Strand 5 Society Jackie Robinson played in his first game with the Brooklyn Dodgers.
Mapdata Strand 5 Society South Africa institutionalizes apartheid.
Radio Strand 2 Technology - Camera The first polaroid camera was invented by Edwin Land. It was first sold to the public in Nov. of 1948.
Book Strand 4 Education - Basic Principles of Curriculum and Instruction Ralph Tyler published this book based on four principles and those principles still live on in education today.
250px korean war montage Strand 6 Political Korean War begins between North and South Korea over communism.
220px poliodrops Strand 2 Technology - Polio Vaccine Dr. Jonas Salk invented a successful vaccine for polio.
Deisenhower Strand 6 Political Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower inaugurated president of United States.
Linda brown school1 150x200 Strand 5 Society The U.S. Supreme Court rules in the Brown vs. The Board of Education case in favor of Brown. The court rules that seperate but equal is unconstitutional.
Submarine Strand 2 Technology - Nuclear Submarine USS Nautilus is the name of the first submarine launched in the United States.
Timeline 3rd 1955--Present Information Wave
History firstm Strand 3 Business/Corporation- McDonalds McDonalds was founded by Ray Kroc.
Small lg Strand 3 Business/Corporations - Disneyland Opens Disneyland
180px rosa parks bus Strand 5 Society Martin Luther King, Jr. leads the Montgomery Bus Boycott in Birmingham, Alabama. This was after Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus to a white man.
Bbloom Strand 4 Education - Taxonomy Benjamin Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives includes six levels of knowledge.
Newspapers Strand 4 Education - Sputnik When the Soviet Union launched Sputnik, President Dwight Eisenhower initiated federal funds to education in math and science.
Laserbeams Strand 2 Technology - Laser Theodore Maiman invented the first working laser.
Jkennedy Strand 6 Political John F. Kennedy is inaugurated as president of the U.S.
Header 5 Strand 3 Business/Cororate- Peace Corps. Volunteers in the Peace Corps take on serveral different roles and serve over 139 countries in the world.
Home collage3 Strand 6 Political Cuban Missile Crisis
Fredkeller Strand 4 Education - Keller Plan Keller Plan
Jeans Strand 3 Business/Corporation- Jeans Levi Strauss introduces jeans
King Strand 5 Society Martin Luther King, Jr. delivers his famous "I Have a Dream Speech."
Sullivanws2 Strand 5 Society The Beatles make their debut on the Ed Sullivan show.
200px first man on the moon Stand 2 Technology - Man on the Moon Neil Armstrong walks on the moon.
Timeline Strand 4 Education - Problem Solving Learning This is where small groups work collaboratively to solve problems.
Intel 4004 Strand 2 Technology - Microprocessor Microprocessor
Timeline Strand 3 Business/Corporation- NASDAQ NASDAQ opens as world's first electronic stock market
Aug8 74 Strand 6 Political Watergate scandal that later caused President Richard Nixon to resign from office.
Index1 Strand 6 Political Vietnam War ends.
Ellington Strand 5 Society Duke Ellington's, Music Is My Mistress, is published.
Gates Strand 2 Technology - Microsoft Bill Gates and Paul Allen forms Microsoft to write computer software.
Timeline Strand 5 Society Supreme Court rules that blacks and other minorities are entitled to retroactive job seniority.
Walkman Strand 3 Business/Corporation- Sony Walkman Personal stereo cassette player by Sony in invented by Akio Morita.
Timeline Strand 5 Society Smallpox was eliminated.
T028387a Strand 6 Political The Iran-Iraq War begins.
Rreagan Strand 6 Political Ronald Reagan becomes the 40th president of the U.S.
Timeline Strand 5 Society AIDS is identified in the U.S.
Columbia sts1 Stand 2 Technology - Space Shuttle The first space shuttle was launched.
Apple2 Strand 2 Technology - Personal Computer IBM released their own personal computer.
Timeline Strand 4 Education - A Nation at Risk T.H. Bell, Secretary of Education, created the National Commission on Excellence in Education to examine America's educational public school system.
Gardner public Strand 4 Education - Multiple Intelligence Howard Gardner developed seven intelligences that deal with the way people learn and how we all learn differently.
Timeline 4th 1985-Beyond Technology Wave
Timeline Strand 4 Education - IDEA of 1990 Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) states that children with disabilities are entitled to a free public education.
T040808a Strand 6 Political Persian Gulf War was a result of Iraq invading Kuwait for oil reserves.
Mandela Strand 6 Political South Africa frees Nelson Mandela. Mandela served twenty-seven and a half years in prison.
Rkpic300a Strand 5 Society Two police officers convicted on federal civil rights charges in Rodney King beating that took place in Los Angeles.
Bruner Strand 4 Education - The Culture of Education Jerome Bruner reminds educators that education is about more than just knowledge, but strategies to construct meaning.
Diana125 Strand 5 Society Princess Diana dies in car accident.
Wtcprior Strand 6 Political Terriosists attack the U.S. by hijackers ramming jetliners into the twin towers of New York City's World Trade Center and the Pentagon. A fourth hijacked plane crashed 80 mi outside of Pittsburgh.
Bush Strand 4 Education - No Child left Behind Act This act was signed into law by President Bush to require annual testing of all students in public schools.
54972main crew sepia text long Strand 5 Society Space shuttle Columbia explodes killing all astronauts on board.
0328 creation bhead Strand 4 Education - Evolution School boards across the country met to discuss the controversial issue of how to teach students the origin of the earth.
081104 obama family hmed 915p.h2 Strand 6 Political ObamaBarack Obama Is Elected President. He is the first African-American male elected president of the United States.
Images Strand 5 Society The U.S. falls into a rrecession.
Mager Strand 4 Education - Criterion Referenced Instruction Robert Mager developed this type of instruction in order for it to be used for training purposes.