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Baby Personality: Day I blessed the world with my presence! On this wonderful sunny June day, i was born. The second day of summer. At this time, my family only consisted of my parents, myself, and my sister.
Tommy Social interactions: The day I became the second favorite. This horrible June day, just 3 years after my birth, my parents brought my younger brother into the world. This officially marked the day that I would become the second favorite in the eyes of my parents. From this day on my older sister and I would have to band together as the second favorites.
Soccer Socialization: I started playing soccer. This was a very big step for me, and one that i took with a bound! Soccer was the beginning to something great for me, and something that would remain in my life to this day. The first ever team that i was on we we're called the "sand sharks". a great socialization tool for me that would create a pathway for new friends and many new soccer teams.
Dog bear Personality: My new best friend! This was quite possibly one of the best christmas days that i have ever had. I recieved my new best friend, my dog. Bear is a german shepard /chow mix and she remains my amazing dog to this day.
Columbine Crime: Columbine massacre hits close to home! On April 20, 1999, two columbine high school students decided to take their hatred and rage out of the student population. They killed 12 students and injured 21. Now a memorial holiday, we remember this as a sad day, and reflect on the lives lost.
2000 Society: New Millenium! The new years rolled around as usual, and everyone was excited to leave the 1990's in the past. Although some thought that the year 2000 was going to bring death and destruction, we all soon came to realize that it was a bogus scare.
Graduation Agent of socialization (family): My sister graduation. This marked the day that I would have to fend for myself at my home, my older sister, my shield was ready to leave home and move onto better things. This was a great day for her, but a very sad day for me.
9 11 Patriotism: World Trade Centers Attacked! This day started out like anyother for many Americans, but was soon turned into the worst day imaginable. The Al-Qaeda terrorist organization hijacked and flew two planes into the wrold trade centers in New York and one plane into the pentagon. This day will be forever remembered.
Enron logo11 White collar crime: Enron scandal revealed! Up until late 2001 Enron was known and a very large company that brought in over $101 billion in revenue. But it was soon revealed that through institutionalized, systematic, and creatively planned accounting fraud it had inflated revenue and created one of the largest cases of business fraud to date.
Sars Taboo: Sars outbreak scares the world! Sars (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) scared the world. It started in China and spread to various other countries around the world. Although the death rate from this epidemic was low, it sent the world into pandemonium.
Iraq Equality: War breaks out! The united states declared was on iraq, just a short time after the world trade centers incident. This was a big step for american, and would lead to a very long drawn out time occupying the middle east to try and reach our goal of kicking terrorism out. To this day, we still occupy many Middle eastern countries, and many american find it hard to support the cause. The death toll in this war has been very low as compared to past wars, but it is still a substantial number.
Dridge Assimiliation: Beginning of high school! The start of something new, and the end to a horrible two years in middle school. I was excited to try my hand at a whole new experience, and a whole new place.
Knee Preformance: 1st Knee surgery I tried out for the freshman soccer team at dakota ridge upon entering highschool. Things we're going good and i got placed on the JV team! Little did i know that for sometime now, i had been playing on a torn patelar tendon, and by playing more, i was lonly making things worse. I finally decidedto go to the doctor because of the pain, and two weeks later, i was laying on the operating table. Although they thought this surgery would be sucessful, i would have another.
Christy sports Hard work: I started my first job! Christy Sports was the place where I was first introduced into the working world. I've skied since i was a baby and knew a lot about the sport, but talking to customers about it was something I wasn't prepared for! This was the start of my first form of income!
Knee Preformance: 2nd knee surgery. After my first knee surgery, i was placed in a straight leg cast for 6 weeks! The doctor told me it was non weight bearing and i needed to do everything i could to help it heal. Well in that long six weeks of crutches, so much scar tissue had formed over my newly made knee, that the plain was worse than the first pain i had experienced. After 2 cortizone shots to the knee cap and a couple MRI's i was put back into surgery once again. Although it helped substantially, my knee still isnt normal.
Galant Status symbol: The day I gained my wheels! I planed everything out for this day, we would wake up early, get to the DMV around 8 where I had set up my appointment to take my driving test. This is my 16th birthday, and the day that i got my freedom! My parents surprised me with a new car when we got home! One of the best birthdays yet!
Sarge Another new best friend! I was on my way home from a sleep over at a friends house, and my sister could hardly contain herself. She was trying so hard not to tell me what was waiting for me at home. My dad, without the permission of my mom, had bought a new puppy, and brough him home to the family. His motto, "Its easier to ask for forgivness than permission." The new german shepard that we got has become a great addition to our family and we love him more than anything!
Obama Middle Class: President Obama takes office The 44th president to hold office, and the first african american. He beat republican nominee John McCain. Many americans found hope in the change that Barack Obama promised to bring.
Graduation Status: Graduation! this will be one of the best days of my life! I'm ready to move onto bigger and better things and my life is really just about to begin.
Cu Self reliance: Class starts at CU! Today, I start college. This is it, this is where I need to be to do what I want to do, and go where ever it is that I decide to go. I'll be ready to start an entirly new adventure and possibly make some of the best memories of my life.