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Timeline American Declaration of Independence The Declaration of Independance is signed, officially proclaiming the 13 Colonies as an independant nation free of Great Britian. The document began the first of many revolutions of the time period.
Timeline The French Revolution Revolution in France that began due to very poor economic conditions caused by the frivility of nobles and the government. The working class grew tired of conditions and the revolt began to sieze power. It was significant because it was the first European revolution that installed a system of government other than a monarchy or dictatorship.
Timeline Napoleon Bonaparte Overthrows the Directory Napoleon seizes power in France due to instability. He is later appointed First Consul, giving him unlimited power. He leads the French on a military campaign that threeatens Europe, but his army suffers massive casualties when invading Russia, and the falls apart before he can take all of mainland Europe.
Timeline Thomas Edison was born Thomas Edison was on Febuary 11th 1847 in Milan, Ohio in America. Thomas Edison invented the light bulb and filmed the first film ever made
Timeline California Gold Rush Gold is discovered in California. People form all overe the contry flood into California, followed by people form all over the world. It brought many people to America looking for money, and started the settelement of the west.
Timeline American Civil War Fought over the right to succeed from the Union and over the right of slavery. Won by the North over the South, rejoining the two into a slavery-free country. While slavery was banned, problems still lingered into the 1900's of racism, culminating in the Civil Rights Movement and the first free, equal, and democratic nation.
Timeline Henry Ford was born Henry Ford was born on the 30th of July 1863 in Greenfield Township, Michigan America. Ford created the infamous Ford Model T and was the founder of Ford Motor Company
Timeline Invention Of The Telephone Alexander Graham Bell sucessfully tests the telephone with his assistant. It revolutionizes communication due to it ease of use and more efficient to use than the telegram or previous methods of communication.
Timeline The Light Bulb was invented Thomas Edison officially creates the first pratical electrically powered light bulb. This changed the world because it now allows for industrial processes to continue into the night due to the greater amount of light output compared to a candle. Workers can now work anytime of day.
Timeline AFL was founded The AFL was founded as the Victorian Football League in 1897. Essendon won the first premiership and Geelong won the first minor premiership. In the first season there was no grand final and so who ever won the most games in the finals would win the cup
Timeline First Plane Took Flight Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright successfully started a major revolution in flying technology that was to affect the way we move.
Timeline Ford Model T started production The Ford Model T started selling on the 1st of October 1908. It quickly started to sell and it became one of the best selling cars of all time
Timeline World War 1 Started Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austro-Hungary is assassinated by Galvrio Princip of Serbia, causing the first World War, the greatest war the world had seen at that time. The assassination was not the only cause, but was the final straw before the first truly modern war.
Timeline World War 1 finishes The Allies had enough men and supplies to invade Germany. The president of Germany and and a group of the allies met up in a a train. The Germany President surrended to the allies