Early Man

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  • 435

    Australopithecus 435 CC

    Australopithecus 435 CC
    435 is the estimated year that the Australopithecus began to walk the earth. Based on fossil finds, it is believed that this early human ancestor would have been found in Africa.
  • Apr 29, 600


    The Australopithecus had many features that were rare in its time. One of those being the enlarged skull for a larger brain. This is one of the key elements that ties it to modern man.
  • Apr 30, 650

    Homo habilis 2.5 million years ago

    Homo habilis 2.5 million years ago
    Like Australopithecus, this early human ancestor was found in Africa. It is said that this is the first early human to have a direct line of ancestory to modern humans.
  • Apr 30, 800

    Homo Habilis 2 million years ago

    According to scientists, Homo habilis was the first human ancestor to ever use tools. This was vital to survival and what allowed evolution to continue.
  • Apr 30, 850

    Homo Erectus 500,000 years ago

    Homo Erectus 500,000 years ago
    Homo Erectus, like the other early humans, started in Africa. Though about 500,000 years ago, they did start to move to Asia and different areas of Europe.
  • Apr 30, 1050

    Homo Erectus 400,000 years ago

    One of the defining facts about Homo Erectus is that it is thought to be one of the first to ever use fire. This was a huge breakthrough because this allowed for warmth, fending off predators, and many other important things. Especially considering that this species lived through atleast some of the Ice Age. When they died off or how, is not exactly known.
  • Apr 30, 1100

    Neanderthal 100,000 years ago

    Neanderthal 100,000 years ago
    This was the next link in the evolutionary chain of huan evolution. They are said to have mostly been found in Germany and other parts of Europe, but there aren't many fossils found elsewhere. They are also believed to have co-existed with Cro-magnon. How much the two interacted with one another is unknown.
  • Apr 30, 1300

    Cro Magnon 40,000 years ago

    Cro Magnon 40,000 years ago
    Cro Magnon is the final stage in early human evolution before modern humans. They have been found throughout most of the world. They have been said to co-existed with Neanderthals, but we don't exactly know the details of how they reacted to one another. They were very similar to us in anatomical make up in most every way.
  • Apr 30, 1500

    Neanderthal 30,000 years ago

    The Neanderthal is very similar to modern humans in many ways. Surprisingly, they are believed to have had the same cranal capacity if not more than modern humans. They also were very wise and intelligent. However, there body styles were somewhat different than ours and the previous species. Their bodies were shorter, with broader chests and shorter limbs. Most of the time that they were on Earth was during the later stages of the Ice Age so this body style saved a lot of heat in the cold.
  • 10,000 years ago

    One noticeable difference in comparison between Cro-mangon and the other early species of man, is the culture and artwork they left behind. They are said to have been very artistic. They made artwork from beads, sculptures, and many other types of art. This cultural side to them makes them seem to be even more like modern humans of today.
  • Modern Humans

    Modern Humans
    Well I hope that this time line has been somewhat helpful in depicting the process by which man has evolved this is about where modern human comes into play on this timeline.