EN3177 Results

Timeline created by wadesandstrom
  • What a Retweet Is

    A link to a you tube video explaining what a retweat is
  • My Delicious Account

    A twitter tweet with the address to my new Delicious account
  • Immortalize You En3177 Blog!

    A Delicious post to a site that lets you convert your blog into a book
  • The Best Blogs on Earth

    A Delicious link to a website that lists the top 100 blogs in America
  • Wades First Blog

    Delicious Link to my blog
  • Wades Wiki Page

    A link to a Wiki Page that I created off of my class Wiki page
  • I'm Unable to Send To Day Book By Tagging As Well

    My delicious accound wouldn't post to day book so I wrote a tweet about it
  • Wide Open Spaces: Wiki Ready or Not Biased?

    An article I wrote and posted to my blog in responce to Brian Lamb's article Wide Open Spaces: Wiki Ready or Not
  • Wiki Required Reading Notes

    Notes I took on the Wiki required reading and transcribed to my blog
  • indymedia.us

    A delicious link
  • Finding Produsage on Flikr

    A delicious link to flikr talking about looking for produsage on it since I've never used flikr before
  • wadesandstrom.wikia.com #en3177 wades new and barely started wiki

    The address of a Wikia wiki that I started but never really developed for the class.
  • Blogging Vs Journalism

    Delicious Link
  • Blogs and Blogging:Advantages and Disadvantages

    Delicious Link
  • How Bloggers Make Money From Blogs

    Delicious Link
  • How Bloggers Make Money From Blogs

    Delicious Link
  • Bloggin, Journalism, and Credibility

    Delicious Link
  • Belated Project 2: How Blogging May Effect Traditional Journalism and You

    A prezi that I created dealing with the effect digital media is having on traditional journalism
  • redbubble

    A delicious link to red bubble
  • Uncommon Uses-what you can do with a Wiki

    Delicious Link
  • 15 productive uses for a wiki

    Delicious link
  • Blogging vs Journalism

    Delicious Link
  • Wikitravel

    Delicious link
  • What Wade's Done So Far

    A list of everything I'd accomplished at midterm
  • Wikipedia Celibrated it's Tenth Birthday, But Can it Survive Much Longer?

    A Delicious link to an article discussing whether or not Wikipedia will last.
  • Wikipedia Bans Steven Colbert

    A Delicious Link to an article talking about how Steven Colbert asked his fans to sabotage Wikipedia and got himself banned.
  • 25 Biggest Blunders in Wikipedia History

    A Delicious Link to an article listing some of the failures of Wikipedia.
  • My Artifact

    My Midterm Mind Map
  • Creative Commons on Wikipedia

    A Delicious link to the wikipedia creative commons page
  • Copyleft- wikipedia

    A Delicious link to the wikipedia copyleft page
  • Profesional Amateur

    A Delicious link to the Wikipedia Pro-Am page
  • Crowd Sourcing-Wikipedia

    A Delicious link to the crowd sourcing definition on wikipedia
  • What to Do next

    A Delicious link that leads to a page dealing with what I planned to do in class after spring break.
  • Mind Map

    A Delicious link to a mindmap that I planned to use as a guide while constructing mine.
  • Drawbacks of Wiki's

    A Delicious link to a website dealing with the drawbacks of wiki's
  • Prodasage For Dummies

    I commented on Muse of Destiny's Produsage for Dummies Article
  • Produsage

    Some examples of produsage that I posted using Delicious
  • petitiononline.com

    A Delicious link to a website that allows you to create, and sign other people's petitions. I thought that it might be an example of produsage, but now I believe I was mistaken.
  • Rotten Tomatoes-Produsage?

    A Delicious link to Rotten Tomatoes. a movie review site that I believed was an example of produsage.
  • I'm Google Famous!

    An article I posted on my blog after googling myself and being shocked by the results
  • Social Media and Privacy Manifesto

    A rant I wrote and posted to my blog about privacy and social media
  • Japanese Earthquake, and Social Media

    An article I wrote and posted to my blog about social media has aided in earthquake recovery in Japan
  • A Crowd Sourced Car? It's Official, We Have Collective Bad Taste

    An article I found and posted a link to on my blog about a car that's being designed using crowd sourcing.
  • Twitter Uses Crowd Sourcing to Turn Us All Into Movie Critics!

    A link to a crowd sourcing article on my blog
  • Mlearning Article

    An article I wrote on Mlearning
  • M-learning is the new black at Univerity

    A delicious link to an article about the use of mlearning in a college
  • Time Toast Timeline

    A timeline of everything I've created or posted in en3177