The Hobbit Timeline

Timeline created by awsafman
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Gh Gandalf Comes This is the day that Gandalf comes to meet with Bilbo to see if he would like to go on an adventure with Gandalf and the other thirteen dwarves but Gandalf did not give Bilbo the full details.
Vgd They Set of on Their Journey So after all the talk the dwarves get some sleep and today they set of on their journey to finding Smaug and defeating him! They use ponys to get around cause they are small but Gandalf uses a horse because he is the size of a human.
Gh The Trolls They are camping when they ask Bilbo to go see where the light that they were seeing was coming from because he was so called the "burglar". He was caught and the whole crew was caught and they escape the next day after the trolls become stone in the sunlight.
Gh Reach Rivendell In the book after they escape the trolls and they continue two days and then today they finally reach Rivendell.
H The Runes The day that you read the runes is on mid summers eve so the mid summer eve is on June 20 (I think) and so they read the runes and read the clues to what they are going for in the Lonely Mountains.
H The Goblins After many long days they reached a cave in the Lonley mountains and they are taken into a cave of goblins through a trap door and after a few days they have escaped ( it say in the book that it was thursday or the 7th.
H Beorn After they are saved by the eagles they are dropped of at Beorns house and they feast and party and set off for many adventures that await ahead.
H Smaug They finally reach Smaugs layer after months ( approximatly 5 ) and they open the door using the runes. Bilbo tries to steal a cup but Smaug finds out. The next day...
H The Death of Smaug Smaug comes to laketown to attack them but then a man named Bard kills Smaug with his special arrow and Smaug falls into the river!!!
H Back Home After the dragon is withered and they start there journey back home it would take them 6 months because it ook them 6 months to get to the dragon. Then they finally return at June 22 to my calculations.
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THe Hobbit Timeline This is a great story about a creature called a hobbit and the greatest of his adventures he has went on!