How the telephone had a imact with our society

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Pic%201 1660 phone invented The cord phone was invented in 1660.
Back then before the first phone was invented peope had to rely on mail which took weeks, months, or even a year depending on where people lived. Having the first phone invented kept families connected with each other. This is why the telephone had an imact over time.
1875 1875 phone invented As you can tell in this image there are some big differences in the older phones than in the newer phones. The phone on the right is a touch screen to make things go faster in a way. The one on the left is a rotary phone, and plus its on a wire so you cant walk around with it. This is how the telephone changed our society.
Pic%2012 1887 phone invented This phone changed our society, my reason being is we can go anywhere and talk on our phones, but this one seems difficult... only because you would probably have to be neer it, in order to use it. This is how the telephone has improved over time.
1902 1902 phone invented The rotary phone was invented in the year 1902.
This phone changed our society, my reason being is that we didnt have to use the rodery dial, we just type the phone number and talk to people. This is how the telephone has improved over time.
Pic%203 1920 phone inevnted This was the first acctual phone to be invented. This particular phone had changed our society, because now these days you can talk on the phone without having the cord attached to the end of it.
1973 1973 phone invented Themobile phone was invented.
With the mobile phone we are now able to have reseption and connection now then back in the year 1973.
Pic%2016...%201980 1980 phone invented The first flip mobile phone was invented.
The flip phone was getting similar to a regular cell phone, but now these days teenagers want to text and get on the web, with this you cant but just talk to people. This has changed our society, because we have better reception and connections to get on the web withot having to use your computer or other sources.
Pic%2013 2007 phone invented The house phone was invented in the year 2007.
This changed our society, my reason being is, we doint have to us the rodery dial we now have to just type in the phone number and talk to people. This smart phone can probably do anything like a side- kick or a i- pod touch can.
Pic%2015...2009 2009 phones invented The newest phone from 2 years ago, the side-kick.
The period of the telephone has changed our society, because this phone from 2009, it can go to the web and chat with your friends or research the web, hold pictures, and you can text on it, rather than having an old phone were you cant. Thats how the change over time with the phone has improved our society.
Pic%2014...%202010 2010 phone invented The i -phone was invented.
This phone you can have apps to were you can play games, text, and the web... its also holds a lot of pictures, and with the we you can check the weather if you need to. With the old phone you cant do all that stuff.This is why the telephone over time has improved our society.
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How the telephone has changed over time in our society

How the telephone changed over time