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Event Date: Event Title: Event Description:
Marconi Invention of the Radio: Guglielmo Marconi Significance: Eventually this would set wireless communications across the English Channel and the rest of the world.
Fm am radio cassette recorder AM (ampliflied modulation) Radio Transmission Significance: Many broadcasting stations used the radio as entertainment. The United States and Europe wanted to expand the use of their broadcasting channels and this pushed for the use of FM transmission.
Communityradiocartoon First Radio Broadcasting Station: KDKA Pittsburgh Significance: Many people enjoyed the service of radio broadcasting and become popular around the world.
Newsradio First News Radio Broadcast Sifnificance: A radio station in Detroit makes the first known news broadcast. This makes the current events form around the world faster for everyone to find out.
Radioshack Theodore and Milton Deutschmann Open Up RadioShack Significance: Theodore and Milton Deutschmann open up the store to sale radio equipment for "amateur radio" users. The company today is worth over 4 billion dollars.
Television Philo Farnsworth presents the first all electronic television Significance: Soon after, the invention of tv would revolutionize the way people from around the world watch entertainment and even hear about the news.
Car radio Car Radio Significance: Galvin Manufactruing Coporatoin create the first car radio. Every car today has a radio in it. It some standard.
Cx50 hr Edwin Howard Armstrong invents FM radio Significance: The FM radio sounds better than AM radio transmission and this attracted the young listeners of the 1970's.
War of the worlds tripod The War of the Worlds (Radio Drama) Significance: Even though the intention was just to make a good story for Halloween, many people thought "the breaking news" was real and thought there was a real alien invasion.
Walkie talkie "Walkie-Talkie" Significance: Galvin Manufactoirng Company creates the walki talkie. They were mostly used on the field of combat during World War II but today they are used for a lot of different things. Today the have "toy" walkie talkies.
Radar1 U.S Navy coins RADAR (Radio Detection and Ranging) Significance: With the invention of RADAR this would change the way of military combat around the world.
Intro 3 CBS Evening News is the first news televised broadcast Significance: Almost everyone today recieves up to date information because of the daily news on televisoin.
2009 0223 npr logo  250x248 NPR (National Public Radio) Significance: Is a multi million dollar company and is refrenced as one of the most accuarte sources of information.
Boombox 1597 The Boombox Significance: During the 1970's and 1980's the boombox changed the way people listened to music. Not only was this device portable but it was extremely loud.
Mobilefirst 5 Motorola DynaTAC Cellular Phone Significance: Martin Coopers invention of the first cell phone would soon revolutionize the use of communicatino with wireless internet, WI-FI, and talk and text for hand held devices.
Walkman 1979 The Walkman Significance: Sony sells it's first Walkman. This portable small cassete player allowed people to listen to the music they want to hear anywhere anytime. Kind of like a 1970's Apple iPod.
145290 24 vic hayes Vic Hayes and his team invento Wi Fi Significance: Eventually by the 2000's Wi Fi is an everyday use and a helpful tool for those who have smart phones.
Xm logo Satellite Radio Significance: Digital Audio Radio Service (DARS) was established by the FCC and was auctioned to two companies American Mobile Radio (known today as XM Radio) and CD Radio (know today as Sirius Satellite Radio). Both companies are multi billion dollar industries.
Radio disney logo Radio Disney Significance: Was one of the most popular radio stations during the early 2000's. Very popular amongst children and young teenagers.
Ipod nano second generation Apple announced the release of the iPod Significance: The iPod is only 10 years old and it has changed the way people listen to music. Not only are these devices small, they are capable of using radio, wireless internet, and even video games.