Leonardo Fibonacci

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Leonardo fibonacci 1st Jan, 1175 Birthday Leonardo Fibonacci was born.
Timeline 1st Jan, 1175 Fibonacci's Father The Father of Fibonacci was Guilielmo Bonacci. He had a great impact on Fibonacci's interest for international affairs .
Timeline 1st Jan, 1192 Visit to Bugia Fibonacci's fisrt step in becoming interested in international affairs. He traveled to Bugia to learn business.
Sunflowers 1st Jan, 1200 Liber Abaci (Book of Calculations) Fibonacci returned to Pisa and wrote the Liber Abaci (Book of Calculations). This included the first introductions to the Hindu-Arabic number system and the legendary Fibonacci sequence.
Fibonacci spiral 1st Jan, 1200 The Golden Ratio While using the Fibonacci number, Fibonacci realizes that the fraction that repeats is a ratio that equals 1.618033988749… when divided.
171302450 5621e55329 3rd Mar, 1200 Returned to Pisa from Bugia
Timeline 1st Jan, 1220 Book: Practica Geometriae Wrote the Book Practica Geometriae.
Timeline 1st Jan, 1225 Book: Liberquadratorum Wrote the book Liberquadratorum
Timeline 1st Jan, 1225 Mathematical Compitition in Pisa Fibonacci was called by Frederick II in order to compete in mathematics.
1261785673671sp5 1st Jan, 1225 Book: Flos Wrote the book Flos.
Timeline 3rd Mar, 1230 Di minor guisa & Commentary of Book X of Euclid's Elements Were lost over time becuase there was a limited copies in the world.
Timeline 1st Jan, 1250 Death of Leonardo Fibonacci
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1st Jan, 1175
1st Jan, 1250
Leonardo Fibonacci's Life span
2nd Mar, 1175
2nd Mar, 1500
Middle Ages Most of Fibonacci's mathematics were ignored during this time period.
3rd Mar, 1175
3rd Mar, 1200
Education in North Africa His father held a diplomatic post in now day Algeria