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Timeline Alfred Nobel invents dynamite Sweedish chemist invents dynamite by combining kieselguhr with nitroglycerine. Dynamite allowed people to blast away rock, trees and to create trenches for irrigation.
Timeline Nobel patients dynamite Alfred Nobel patients dynamite.
Timeline The first electric blasting cap that could detonate dynamite invented H. Julius Smith invented a Blasting cap that had a spark gap ignitor and a mercury fulminate. This made it safer to set off dyamite.
Timeline First dynamite factory begins production The Giant Powder Company becomes the first company to produce dynamite. This meant that more dynamite could be produced and eventually lead to the mas production of dynamite.
Timeline First modern type of blasting cap invented Perry Gardiner invemted a blasting cap that combined a hot wire detonator with mercury fulminate. This blasting cap is generally similiar to todays modern blasting caps.
Timeline First recorded use of dynamite to demolish a structure An enginear in Hungary uses five blasts of dynamite to fall a 200 ft high chimney. Revealed that dynamite could be a powerful tool for demolishion.
Timeline Ammonium Nitrate is widely used in the production of dynamite The use of Ammonium Nitrate in dynamite made dynamite safer and less expensive.
Timeline Dynamite used to clear debris. Dyamite used to romove a 11 million square feet of debris next to the Pennsylvania Railroad bridge. This demonstrated dynamites use of clearing debris.
Timeline Attempt to destroy tunnel with dynamite Saboteurs colided two trains packed with dynamite to try to destroy a tunnel. It failed and demonstrated that a person must know how to use dynamite in order to use it effectively.
Timeline Dynamite used in the construction of the Panama Canal Dynamite was used to break huge rocks and loosn dirt throughout the Panama Canal. During the construction of the Panama Canal a total of 61 million pounds of dynamite was used. This dimonstrated the power of dynamite and its use in construction
Timeline dynamite used to fight fires in San Francisco Dynamite used to demolish destroyed buildings. This revealed that dynamite could be used in the aftermath of disasters
Timeline detonating fuse brought to the United States Cordeau detonating fuse introduced to the United States. This allowed dynamite and other explosives to be detonated from far away and quickly.
Timeline Attack at Wall Street useing dyamite 100 pounds of dynamite was set off in a horse drawn buggy with 500 pounds of cast-iron slugs. The blast killed 30 people and injuried hundreds mores. This demonstrated the deadly potiential of dynamite and the use of it in attacks.
Timeline Dynamite used on Mount Rushmore Dynamite used in the construction of Mount Rushmore. More than 90% of Mount Rushmore was carved out by dynamite. This demonstrates a use of dynamite in construction.
Timeline Fiberboard cases used to ship dynamite The use of fiberboard cases in the shipment of dynamite made it safer to transport dynamite.
Timeline First dynamite blast on Crazy Horse Dynamite would be used in blasting rock off of the Crazy Horse Memorial.
Timeline 95% of the explosives in the United States is Dynamite This means that dynamite was the primary explosive for the United States.
Timeline 39 dyamite plants 39 plants in the United States are creating dynamite.
Timeline One remaining dynamite plant Only one plant creates dynamite in the United States.
Timeline Less than 2% of the explosives used in the United States is dynamite Dynamite has been replaced with safer and more affective alternitives.
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