Confederation of Canada

Timeline created by hillz
  • New Brunswick

    New Brunswick
    Coat/arms granted 1868
    to honnor the ruling monarch king George the 3, who was also the Duke of New Brunswick
  • Quebec

    Coat/arms 1868
    flag adopted1948
    From the Algonquin word for " narrow passage "or"strait first used to describe the narrowing of the St.Lawrence River near what is now Quebec City.
  • Nova Scotia

    Nova Scotia
    Coat/arms 1625
    Falg 1625
    named by sir.wm Alexander who was given title to all the land between England and Newfoundland by king james VI of Scotland Nova Scotia is latin for new Scotland
  • Ontario

    Coat/Arms 1868
    From Iroquois word "kanadariio" meaning shinging or sparkling waters about 20%of Ontario is fresh water lakes of or rivers.
  • Manitoba

    Coat/arms 1905
    Likely comes from the Cree word Man-into-wha-paow wich means lake Manitahu which narrows to 1/2 a mile at its center.
  • Northwest Territories

    Northwest Territories
    Coat/arms 1956
    flag 1969
    most of the area was known as the Norhtwestern Territory until1870 the name is primarily descriptive fo the location of the Territories.
  • British Columbia

    British Columbia
    Coat/arms sheild 1906/ arms 1987
    Flag 1960
    Southern part wasknown as Columbia after clumbia R., central port was New Cledonia named by Explorer simon fraser; to avoid confusion with country in Columbia when it becaomes a colony.
  • Prince Edward Island

    Prince Edward Island
    Coat/arms 2002
    flag 1964
    named in 1799 in Duke of icent, the 4th son of king George the III ; he was commander in chief of British North america and he was stationed in halifax when the Island was named.
  • Yukon

    Coat/Arms 1956
    Flag 1967
    probably came from the word yu-kon-ah meaning great river.
  • Saskatchewan

    Coat/arms 1906
    flag 1969
    From the cree word "icisisicatchewanisiei" "meaning" sift flowing river ti became the name of one of the districts in NWT in 1882.
  • Alberta

    Coat/arms 1907
    flag 1968
    named for Queen Vivtoria's fourth daughter Princess Louise Caroline Alberta, the wife of Marquees of lorme, who was Governor General fo canada ijn 1882 when alberta was northwest Trerritories.
  • Newfoundland and Labrador

    Newfoundland and Labrador
    Coat/arms 1637
    Flag 1980
    King Henry VII referred to the land discovered by John Cabot in 1497as the New found launde.
  • Nunavut

    Coat/arms 1999
    flag 1999
    Means "our land" in the inuit language