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Evolution of the Constitution of the Revolution in France

Timeline created by ADayAtTheBeach in History
Event Date: Event Title: Event Description:
Louis xiv small square Louis XIV becomes ruler The Sun King
Absolute monarchy
Longest reign in European history
Marriage louis%20xiv of france with maria theresa small square Louis XVI Marries Marie Antionette
Louis xvi 1 small square Louis XVI King at age 19
Absorbed in family life
Estatesgenral small square Estates-General The Estates General meets for the first time in hundreds of years, and is a failure.
National assembly small square National Assembly The Third Estate leaves the Estates General to make massive reforms to France with or without the first two estates.
Bastille storming small square Storming of the Bastille People raid the prison, a symbol of the tyranny of the old regime
Simpson legislative assembly of lower canada small square Legislative Assembly Two main sides, moderate members of the bourgeoisie, who wanted the revolution to end here.
The more radical revolutionaries, who did not want anything to do with monarchy
Images small square National Convention Next step in the succession of French governments
00a231618115a88ea7b0258a367872da.gif.jpeg small square Reign of Terror Robespierre led a Comittee of Public Safety, which led mass executios to those who were "against' the revolution
1526576 small square Directory Five "Directors" held the executive power of France