The Life of Jessica

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Baby I'm born! Iowa HealthI was not actually born crawling (although pretty close, I was walking at 7 mo.), however this is the earliest picture I have at the moment. I was born at 4:59am at Lutheran Hospital in Des Moines, IA.
Baby2 Love of Pasta Begins! Pasta Cookbook!Pasta was, is, and always will be my favorite food! Although, when I was little I wasn't too picky (as you can tell from my chunky cheeks). My mom says that I would cry when someone opened the fridge and I didn't get a snack. I would eat 2 pieces of large pizza at Godfathers. What an accomplishment!
Picture1 School Days! Norwalk SchoolsOutside of our time at Norwalk Elementary schools, my brother, Bobby, and I were always playing outside together with the neighbor kids. We were the ultimate country kids, and would collect corn and rocks and have barefoot races on gravel!
Mom%20kids Then There was 5 Kirby VanburchMy 2nd brother was born in 1996, and we welcomed him into our mud forts with open arms! This is a picture of us in Branson, MO at a magic show by Kirby Vanburch
444 Graduation Simpson CollegeMy days in school are only just beginning! I continued on to Simpson College and will eventually be teaching in an elementary school!