Battle of the Alamo

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Cos General Cos surrenders San Antonio to Texians picture
Sam houston Orders to Blow Up the Alamo PhotoSam Houston orders Texians to blow up the Alamo and return to Goliad. The force in San Antonio, including William Travis, believe they can hold the Alamo. Houston leaves the decision to the Commander, O'Neill.
Jim bowie James Bowie arrives. photoJanuary 19, 1836 - James Bowie comes to the Alamo at the request of General Sam Houston
Wm travis William Travis commands Alamo Forces Travis takes command of Texian soldiers at the Alamo
David crocket David Crockett arrives photoFormer Tennessee congressman, David Crockett arrives at the Alamo with a group of Tennessee volunteers
James bowie Bowie commands the volunteers pictureWhile Travis commands the regular army, he shares command with Jim Bowie, who commands the volunteers. The Tennesseans, with their long rifles are stationed along the wooden fortifications, where their skills for shooting accurately at longer distances would help keep the enemy back from this weaker area in the wall.
Alamo battle etching Santa Anna demands surrender The Texans were not expecting Santa Anna's forces until spring, but Santa Anna marched his army through the bitter cold to arrive at the Alamo Feb. 22. A message arrived from Santa Anna demanding the surrender of the Alamo.
Timeline Daniel Cloud sounds the alarm as the attack begins
Timeline Captain Albert Martin arrives with 30 volunteers Letter from Travis About 4 PM on 23 Feb 1836, Launcelot Smithers left the Alamo and made the 76 mile ride to Gonzales where he announced the arrival of the Mexican army in San Antonio de Bexar with a note from Alamo Commander, Col. William B. Travis, to alcalde Andrew Ponton appealing for reinforcements
Timeline Travis writes letters begging for aid from Fannin at Goliad These letters were carried by John Bonham, a skillful horseman who managed to make it out of the Alamo and return with response that Fannin wasn't coming.
Timeline Captain Albert Martin and Gonzales Rangers arrive <a href='http://' >Captain Martin arrives at Alamo<At dawn on the first of March [1836], Capt. Albert Martin, with 32 men (himself included) from Gonzales and DeWitt's Colony, passed the lines of Santa Anna and entered the walls of the Alamo, never more to leave them. These men, chiefly husbands and fathers, owning their own homes, voluntarily organized and passed through the lines of an enemy four to six thousand strong, to join 150 of their countrym
Timeline Travis draws the line Moses? RoseUpon receiving news that Fannin will not send reinforcements, Travis gives the soldiers the opportunity to stay and fight or leave. All stay except a Frenchman named Louis or Moses Rose.
Timeline Captain Kirk Intervenes Captain Kirk beams up Santa Anna
Timeline Final attack begins at dawn Final attackMarch 6: A bloody Mexican attack on the Alamo begins before dawn, and the Mexican forces slaughter all inside except for the women, children, and Travis' slave, Joe. Mexican losses number around 600.
Remember the alamo "Remember the Alamo" call at the Battle of San Jacinto April 21, 1836 - Sam Houston shouts the Alamo call as he routs Santa Anna in the battle of San Jacinto
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The Alamo

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