"The Rag and Bone Shop" By Robert Cormier

Timeline created by timberly-makiyha09
  • Summer Vacation

    Summer Vacation
    After killing three innnocent people, Carl Seaton confessed to interrogator Trent the murder, and in hopes that his sins will be erased. Classes at Monument Middle School end for Jason Dorrant, and summer vacation begins.
  • To Alicia's House

    To Alicia's House
    Jason goes to visit Alicia Bartlett, but soon left because he sensed something bad going on between Brad Bartlett, Alicia's brother,and her. A little more than their usual arguements.
  • The Death of Alicia

    The Death of Alicia
    Alicia Bartlett's dead body was found five hundred yards from her home.The killer was very clever to lay her down with tenderness, with her arms folded around her chest and her long hair framed around her face. Jason was the very last person to see her alive that afternoon.
  • Trent

    Trent is an interrogator whos wife Lottie died. Trent's wife was always there for him, even if he had not always been there for her. Carl Seaton was just another notch in his belt.
  • The Surprise of Death

    The Surprise of Death
    At about 5:00 p.m. less than an hour after her death, Alicia Bartlett was found. The last person to see her alive was Jason Dorrant. Detective George Braxton was in charge of the investigation. He thinks that he has a possible suspect depending on the outcome of the interview of Jason Dorrant.
  • Curious Helps

    Curious Helps
    Jason Dorrant was the last person to see Alicia alive the afternoon after visiting her. Alot of curious things that were going on at Alicia's home the day of the murder that wiil help the detectives find a possilbe killer.
  • The Phone Call.

    The Phone Call.
    Detective Lieutenant Braxton calls Trent and asks him to help with the case and interrogate Jason, a possible suspect. Trent agrees.
  • Cry No More

    Cry No More
    Sitting on the bed in his room, Jason could not except the fact that Alicia was dead. He resisted the urge to cry after making a promise to himself that he would not after his fight with Bobo Kelton, a mean kid in school who did bad things and not get in trouble for them. But Bobo Kelton went too far when he did a very uncalled for action to Rebecca Tolland. Then when Bobo lightly pushes Jason from behind, Jason turns around and punches Bobo in the nose. Since then, he hasn't cried.
  • A Visit to the Police Headquarters

    A Visit to the Police Headquarters
    Officer Kendall goes to Jason's house to ask then take him to the police headquarters to help solve the case.
  • The Escape

    The Escape
    Jason waits with Jack O'Shea and Tim Conners before he gets interrogated. A while has past and Trent begins interrogating Jason.Then Jason tries to escape because the pressure of remebering the thoughts of Alicia and what happened was all too much for him. But Trent convinces him to come back.
  • The Confession

    The Confession
    Trent asks Jason personal questions about Alicia. Like Did he think she was pretty and Did he like her more than a friend. Jason denied all of it, feeling a little offended and shock. Then with all the suspense ,Trent got Jason to confess to Alicia's muder even thogh he is innocent.
  • A Bitter Ending

    A Bitter Ending
    After Trent got Jason to confess, he left the room, with thoughts of Sarah Downes in his head. Then Sarah Downes comes out an office, an eager smile on her face. When she stopped in front of him, Trent tells her Jason confessed. She's said that's not true and that he made Jason confess. She told him that they had the killer in custody.