A Brief History Of The Development Of Manitoba

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Jan 1st, 1100
First Indications of Agriculture Native Manitobans seeded corn along the banks of the Red River, north of Winnipeg.
Jan 1st, 1500
Climate Change Changing climate hampers growth of native corn varieties. Natives gradually return to hunting, fishing, and trapping.
Timeline First European Arrival Captain Thomas Button winters 2 ships at Port Nelson, near the mouths of the Nelson and Hayes Rivers
Flag Hudsons Bay Company King Charles II of England grants sovereignty over large part of continent to "the governor and C. of Adventurers of England Trading into Hudsons Bay' or the Hudsons Bay Company
Timeline Churchill Construction of Fort Churchill by HBC.
Timeline Lord Selkirk Lord Selkirk establishes first agricultural settlement.
Timeline Seven Oaks Conflict Seven Oaks
Governor Robert Semple and 19 colonists were killed in battle with Metis at Seven Oaks. Dispute over changing lifestyles along the Red River.
Flag Lower Fort Garry Lower Fort Garry trading post created.
Louis rielr Louis Riel HBC gives up Western Canadian territory to Canadian Government for $300,000. Lack of consideration to Metis leads to establishment of provisional government.
Timeline Manitoba Joins Confederation Manitoba and NWT join Confederation; the fifth province to do so.
Manitoba Boundaries Set Manitoba Website<a href='http://www.gov.mb.ca/' >