Bagel Timeline

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  • Aug 30, 1394

    Invention of Obwarzanek

    Invention of Obwarzanek
    The obwarzanek, a special bread made for Lent, is listed in the household accounts of Jadwiga, queen of Poland. Boiled, baked, and ring-shaped, it is virtually identical to the bagel.
  • Bagel Laws

    Bagel Laws
    Jewish elders of Krakow issue a law restricting consumption of bagels. Made of wheat flour in a land of rye, they're expensive. The elders recommend that bagels - whose circular shape was believed to provide powerful protection to infants - be served when celebrating the birth of a boy.
  • Bagel of Honor

    Bagel of Honor
    King of Poland and noted horseman Jan Sobieski ends the Ottoman siege of Vienna. According to legend, a Jewish baker creates a bagel-like bread in his honor, in the form of his stirrup.
  • Bagel Availability Increases

    Bagel Availability Increases
    Wheat becomes cheaper and more widespread and so does the bagel. Jewish bagel peddlers become ubiquitous in market squares across Eastern Europe.
  • Bagels Hit America

    Bagels Hit America
    The Jewish exodus to America begins. The first bagels in New York City are baked alongside dark rye bread and challah in cellar wholesale bakeries under Hester and Rivington Streets. Strung up on rope, they are sold by peddlers and in delis.
  • Bagel Bakers Strike

    Bagel Bakers Strike
    The Jewish bakers of Manhattan, including bagel bakers, go on strike - backed by the Forward's Abraham Cahan - and win union recognition. The triumphant bakers march through the Lower East Side carrying a loaf of bread 5 feet wide and 15 feet long.
  • Bagel Songs

    Bagel Songs
    The song 'Bublitchki, Buy My Bagels' is first performed in Odessa. The song would be banned by Soviet authorities in 1928 but would go on to become a huge hit in the 1930s in Warsaw cabarets and in the U.S.
  • American Bagel Union

    American Bagel Union
    The bagel bakers of New York get their own independently chartered union, Local 338, of the Bakery and Confectionery Workers International Union.
  • Bagels and Broadway

    Bagels and Broadway
    A new variety show, 'Bagels and Yox,' opens on Broadway. Bagels are served at intermission.
  • First Bagel-Making Machine

    First Bagel-Making Machine
    The Lender brothers - Murray, Marvin and Sam - in West Haven, Connecticut, lease the first bagel-making machine. Mechanization together with the convenience of frozen pre-sliced bagels would make the fortunes of Lender's bagels.
  • Bagel-making Hits Retail Shops

    Bagel-making Hits Retail Shops
    Bagel-making moves into retail shops with neon signs flashing 'hot bagels.' The bagel union breaks u and bagel bakers fan out across the country. In 1973, food critic Mimi Sheraton laments that 'there isn't an old-fashioned bagel to be had in New York City.'
  • Bagel Sales Increase

    Bagel Sales Increase
    The Lenders report $65 million worth of bagel sales. Kraft Foods buys their company. Accordng to one survey, only 20% of Americans have tasted a bagel.
  • Biggest Bagel Factory

    Biggest Bagel Factory
    Kraft opens the world's biggest bagel factory in Matton, Illinois, capable of churning out one million bagels a day. Bagel sales hit the $500 million mark. About 40% of the bagels sold in America are frozen.
  • Bagels Nowadays

    Bagels Nowadays
    Bagels continue to grow as a wholesome breakfast or snack. About 61% of American households indicated that they have eaten bagels in the year of 2012.