Wrigley Field

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Timeline Weegham Park is built 1914- The Park was built by Charles H. Weegham for an estimated $250,000. Previously, the land was home to a seminary. The original team to play on the field was known as the Federals or the Whales and were part of the Federal League.
Cubs The Cubs are purchased 1915- The Federal League ends and Weegham purchases the Cubs from the Taft family.
Timeline National League comes to the field 1916- First National League game played on the field.
Cubs penant Cubs Park 1920- The Wrigley family buys the team and the stadium is known as Cubs park.
Signwide Wrigley Field is named 1926- The field is renamed Wrigley Field.
Scoreboard Scoreboard added 1937- The iconic centerfield scoreboard is built. Even today the board is still updated by hand.
Billygoatsign The Billy Goat Curse is born 1945- William Sianis brings his goat named Murphy to Game 4 of the World Series against the Tigers. Sianis is asked to leave by Cubs owner P.K. Wrigley and Sianis utters the dreaded curse, %u201CThe Cubs ain%u2019t gonna win no more. The Cubs will never win a World Series so long as the goat is not allowed in Wrigley Field.%u201D
Timeline Breakdown 1969- The Cubs lose to the New York Mets and fall short of the World Series.
Goat2 Another goat tries to enter the field 1973- Sianis%u2019 nephew attempts to bring a goat wearing a sign that says: %u201CAll is forgiven, let me lead the Cubs to the pennant%u201D into the field but is turned away. The Cubs have a losing season.
Timeline Wrigley family sells 1981- The Cubs are purchased by the Tribune Co., owners of the Chicago Tribune.
Goat2 The goat is invited back 1984- Team officials invite Sianis%u2019 nephew and goat to opening day and the Cubs win the division title. But as the playoffs continue, the Cubs lose to the San Diego Padres and again miss the World Series.
Caraystatue Night games come to Wrigley 1988- Lights are added to Wrigley Field.
Tavernsignclose More of the curse 1998- During the wild card race, what should have been an easy pop-fly to left field is dropped and the Cubs once again miss the going to the World Series.
Tavernsignclose Bartman ball 2003- Oct. 14 a playoff game against the Florida Marlins. Steve Bartman becomes the most hated man in Chicago when he reaches over the left field wall to try to catch what he thinks is a foul ball. Instead he interferes with the game and the team collapses and once again miss the World Series.
Harrycareytavern The ball 2004- Harry Caray%u2019s restaurant buys the Bartman ball in order to blow it up.
Harrycareybust The sauce 2005- Harry Caray%u2019s restaurant cooks what is left of the ball into a %u201Ccurse-ending sauce%u201D and serves it on its menu.
Timeline Latest season After a great season the Cubs fans were pumped that this could be THE year as the team headed into the playoffs. However, they were swept in the first round by the Los Angeles Dodgers and the drought heads into its 101st year.
Timeline New owners 2009- The Tribune Co. announced its intention to negotiate a sale of the Cubs and Wrigley Field to the Ricketts family.