100m Backstroke olympic event history

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Timeline First olympic debut of backstroke Walter Brack of Germany won the gold medal
Timeline Arno Bieberstein Germany 1:24.6
1912 harry hebner Harry J. Hebner USA 1:21.2 Took the win with a finish that was over 1 second faster than the second-place swimmer. He made a new olympic world record which was previously 1:24.6 made by Arno Bieberstein
Olympische ploeg 1932 Women's 100m Backstroke added to olympics Sybil Bauer USA 1:23.2 set the first Olympic record for women's backstroke
200px marie braun 1928 George Kojac USA 1:08.2 Marie Braun NETH. 1.21.6 In the first heat George Kojac set a new Olympic record with 1:09.2 minutes. In the final he set a new world record with 1:08.2 minutes
In the second heat Marie Braun bettered the world record to 1:21.6 minutes.
200px eleanor holm   page 973 Eleanor Holm USA 1:19.4 In the first semi-final Eleanor Holm set a new Olympic record with 1:18.3 minutes.
190px nida senff 1936 Dina Willemina Jacoba SENFF NED 1:18.9 Dina Senff set a new Olympic record in the first heat with 1:16.2 minutes.She did so after missing a turning point, went back to push the wall, and still managed to win the race
220px tokyo 1940 summer No olympics The 1940 Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of the XII Olympiad and originally scheduled to be held from 21 September to 6 October 1940, in Tokyo, Japan, were cancelled due to the outbreak of World War II.
Timeline Olympic returns The olympic games had not been held in either 1940 or 1944 due to the breakout of WWII. London was recently called upon short notice to host the 1948 olympic
Untitled Judith Grinham GRB 1:12.9 David Theile (AUS) 1:02.2 Set the world record as 1:12.9 for women
David Theile also set the world record for the men timing 1:02.2, and beat his own record in the following olympics timing 1:01.9
%28kgrhqzhjewe88ej2ugsbpwo4om fw  60 35 Kaye Hall USA 1:06.2 Set the world record at 1:06.2
Images John Naber USA 55.49 Set the world record as 55.49
Otto Kristin Otto East Germany 1:00.89 Set the world record.
She is most famous for being the first woman to win six gold medals at a single Olympic Games, doing so at the 1988 Seoul Olympic games
Aaron peirsol 82264805 Aaron Peirsol (USA) 52.89 Aaron Peirsol set the world record at 52.89 beating his olympic record which he previously set at 53.45 at the 2004 olympics
London 2012 The latest olympic games The 100m backstroke gold medalists
Missy Franklin USA 58.33
Matthew Grevers USA 52.16