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The Life of Vladek Spiegelman

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Richieu2.jpg Vladek Born Vladek born on October 11th, 1906
Vladek anja meet Vladek and Anja Meet The two are introduced in Sosnowiec, Poland.
Vladek anja marry Vladek and Anja Marry The couple are married after Vladek moves to Sosnowiec.
Richieu born Richieu is Born Richieu is born in Sosnowiec, Poland
Vladek drafted Vladek Drafted Vladek is drafted into the Polish Army to fight against the Nazis.
Vladek pow Vladek Captured as POW Nazi soldiers take Vladek prisoner. Poland is soon defeated.
Vladek and orbach Vladek Released from Work Camp Through a family friend, Orbach, Vladek is able to escape murder and hide out.
Vladek reunited with the fam Vladek Returns to Sosnowiec Vladek is reunited with his family after sneaking across the Poland-Germany Border.
Hanging in ghetto Jews in Sosnowiec Moved to Ghetto All the Jews in Sosnowiec are forcibly moved into the Stara quarter of Sosnowiec. Jews become increasingly persecuted.
Vladek s father Vladek's Father Deported Vladek's father is taken from the Ghetto during a mass inspection. He dies in an Auschwitz gas chamber.
Vladek new ghetto Jews in Sosnowiec Moved to Another Ghetto The remaining Jews in the Sosnowiec Ghetto are moved to an old village, Srodula. Richieu is taken to Zawriercie to avoid being deported.
Vladek father in law dead Anja's Parents Killed Vladek and Anja escape death through bribing a Jewish official, Haskel. Anja's parents are not able to escape and are sent to a death camp.
Richieu killed Richieu Killed Tosha, Anja's older sister, kills herself and the children she is caring for, including Richieu, in Zawriercie to avoid the gas chambers.
Vladek hiding Srodula Ghetto Liquidated All Jews remaining in the Srodula ghetto are taken to concentration camps. Vladek and Anja are still successfully hidden.
Auschwitz Vladek and Anja sent to Auschwitz The couple tries to escape to Hungary with smugglers but are caught by Nazi soldiers while leaving on a train. They are sent to the concentration camp, Auschwitz.
Dodenmars Auschwitz Evacuated Nazi soldiers march remaining Jews to the Dachau camp to escape the oncoming Red Army.
Vladek and the americans Dachau Liberated The concentration camp, Dachau, is liberated by American forces. Soon after, Vladek and his friend, Shivek, meet the Americans.
Image001 1 Germany Surrenders Germany surrenders to the allies and the European theater of WWII ends.
Refugee camp Vladek in Refugee Camp In the summer of 1945, Vladek reaches an American run displaced persons camp.
Vladek refugee camp Vladek in U.S. Refugee Camp In the summer of 1945, Vladek reaches the American run displaced persons camp, Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Vladek sweden Vladek and Anja move to Sweden During 1946, the couple moves to Sweden from Poland, where Vladek becomes a partner in a department store.
Art spiegelman Art Spiegelman Born Art is born in Stockholm, Sweden.
Vladek anja suicide Anja's Suicide Anja, Vladek's wife, commits suicide. Both Art and Vladek are devastated.
Art spiegelman maus volume ii1 Vladek Dies Vladek Spiegelman dies at age 75 of a heart attack.