Red River Resistance

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Event Date: Event Title: Event Description:
Timeline Louis Riel Stops Surveyors Canada sends surveyors to land over which they have no authority. Louis Riel hinders their progress
Timeline National Commitee of the Metis An organization formed to support Metis rights in the Red River valley
Timeline Lieutenant-Governor William McDougall Arrives He is not welecomed and this is unexcepted by him
Timeline Fort Garry Caputered HBC fort that had no defense was captured and now Louis Riel and his supporters are armed
Timeline Provisional Government Setup A governemtn with equal French and English lead by Louis Riel is put in place.
Timeline Canada Takes over Rupert's Lnad The lease has been transfered to Canada.
Timeline Armed Canadians Try to Attack Fort Garry They foiled and put into Fort Garry
Timeline MacDonald Sends A Messenger To The Metis He sends some one to invites them to Ottawa
Timeline Riel Orders Trial for Scott Thomas Scott is put to trial
Timeline Thomas Scott Put To Death
Timeline English Speakers Want Riel Hanged
Timeline Riel Flees to United States
Timeline Red River Settlement Becomes Manitoba