Red River Resistance

Timeline created by legacyd3
In History
  • Louis Riel Stops Surveyors

    Canada sends surveyors to land over which they have no authority. Louis Riel hinders their progress
  • National Commitee of the Metis

    An organization formed to support Metis rights in the Red River valley
  • Lieutenant-Governor William McDougall Arrives

    He is not welecomed and this is unexcepted by him
  • Fort Garry Caputered

    HBC fort that had no defense was captured and now Louis Riel and his supporters are armed
  • Provisional Government Setup

    A governemtn with equal French and English lead by Louis Riel is put in place.
  • Canada Takes over Rupert's Lnad

    The lease has been transfered to Canada.
  • Armed Canadians Try to Attack Fort Garry

    They foiled and put into Fort Garry
  • MacDonald Sends A Messenger To The Metis

    He sends some one to invites them to Ottawa
  • Riel Orders Trial for Scott

    Thomas Scott is put to trial
  • Thomas Scott Put To Death

  • English Speakers Want Riel Hanged

  • Riel Flees to United States

  • Red River Settlement Becomes Manitoba